I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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13. chapter 12 part 2

I'm just going to warn you this chapter contain little rape , when you see this '****' Read at your own risk.

"Gabby, Gabby you okay?" Michael tried to get my attention.

No, i'm not okay. I don't think i will ever be okay because my worst nightmare has arrived in the building -- Zayn, his girlfriend, Pierre, and his friends, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall.

And they're making their way over to the bar. I seriously don't like this.

I wanted to leave right then and there before they take a notice of me. I see Pierre pecked Zayn before she went off somewhere with her friends, so it was just the guys heading over to the minibar. As they got closer i have no choice but to look away so they don't see me.

"Gabby, hey," I turned my attention to Michael who's giving me a concern gaze. "Whats going on? Are you alright?"

I was about to open my mouth to say something i heard a familiar rasp voice. "Shots please? Actually make that two for my friend here."

I heard Harry ordered not wanting to look over but i took a glimpse and see that the bartender handed over two glasses of the yellow brownish liquid to Harry and Zayn. As they took it and finished it with one gulp and was asking for another.

Not wanting to be anywhere near them, i looked up at Michael my hand on his arm. "Come on, lets uh, go some place else."

"Whats wrong?" Then he looked over me at Zayn and his friends still at the bar, then back at me. "Do you know them?"

I was going to open mouth and respond back. "Wait, is that who i think it is? 'Quiet' girl." I heard a familiar Irish accent. Fuck shit fuck -- they caught me, dammit.

"Hey, turn around so we can take one good look at you," I heard Louis' voice. "we know its you."

Shit, they knew its me, theres no escaping from them. I slowly turned around with Michael clearly confused of whats going right now, as i faced with the jerks thats trying to ruin my life. I have no clue where Liam might have went, he's probably somewhere.

They stood there eyeing me up and down with smirks on their faces, i was beginning to feel really uncomfortable. "Wow, well look at you," Louis say with a smirk.

"I knew theres a dirty slut in you." Harry said after taking his second shot while his eyes still on me.

"Hey, she's not a dirty slut," Michael stepped in. "you watch what you say to her."

"May I ask who the hell you are?" Harry asked glaring at Michael who's also glaring back at me.

"No may i ask who the hell are you, talking to a girl like that? I'm sure you mummy taught you better than that-,"

Harry all of a sudden took a step forward like he wanted to mentally bash Michael's face in. "What the fuck did you just say to me?"

Michael took a step forward as well and looks like shits about to go down. There were a few eyes watching whats going on at the bar. I had to grab hold of Michael's arm pulling him back. "Michael, forget it. Just forget it." But he didn't listen, still going at it with Harry.

Thats when Luke and Ashton jumped in. "Hey, hey back off. What the heck's going on?" asked Luke. "You assholes already trying to start shit?"

"This asshole just called Gabby a dirty slut." Michael gestured to Harry.

"Hey, i don't know you. But you watch how the fuck you talk to my friend," Zayn say trying to get pass Luke, but Luke held him back.

"No, you're friend should watch how the hell he's speaking to my friend," Then Luke shoved him back.

"You don't know, who you're dealing with, Hemmings" Zayn hissed. He have nothing but hatred in his eyes while glaring at Luke, but Luke didn't back down he continued to glare back at him.

"Oh is that so, Malik?" Luke say, eyes not tearing from Zayn's.

My two best friends who i've hung out with in middle school are about to fight, i wish there's something i can do -- but its out of my hands, they hate each other. I wanted this to be all a dream, but it isn't a dream. Its a nightmare and i don't like it.

I went up Luke and grabbed his arm. "Luke, please come on. Forget it-"

"No," He say with anger in tone, looking down at me. "i don't appreciate this jerk or his screw up friends talk or hurt you. I'm not having it, i'm done." Then he glared back at Zayn.

"Luke, he was our friend, remember? This doesn't have to go down like this. Please forget it." I say hoping this time he'll back off.

"You watch yourself, Malik. If i find out you or your friends hurt Gabby in anyway, your ass is mine." Luke hissed, then he, Michael, Ashton and myself walked away not wanting to deal with any of their crap.


"I still don't understand why you kept me from hurting that asshole," Luke say.

"Look, Luke i don't want you to cause any trouble. And besides just let it go, he's not worth it," I said, watching him dipped his head clearly pissed that he didn't rip Zayn's head off. "I don't appreciate him or his shitload of his friends call you a dirty slut. You're my friend and i don't want anyone mess over you." He say with one hand beside my head and the other stuffed in his pocket, while i looked into his serious blue eyes.

"Don't you worry about me, no one's going to mess over me. Okay?"

He sighs, shaking his head eyes never leaving mine. "How can you do that? Handle you own battles? I'm not going to let you do that, i'm going to be there for you."

"I know you are, and i love you for that. Everything's fine, no need to worry." i told him.

"I don't want you try covering up for them, if they do anything, will you let me know?"

I thought for a moment and nodded. "I will." Why am i lying to him? I kept telling myself.

Luke nodded. "Okay," He leaned forward and we hugged.

"Hey, um Luke?"

We pulled apart from our hug to see a beach blonde with blue eyes batting her lashes at him. "Can we talk, um, alone?" She asked looking me up and down.

Okay, clearly i don't know whats her problem to be honest. Luke turned to me and i just waved him off. "Go, ahead." I told him with a smile.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes playfully, "Yes, i'm sure. Now go on."

He nodded and went off where ever 'that' blonde was taking him while i stood there watching everyone dance and getting wasted. I hoping Michael, Ashton, or Calum would come and keep me company. I looked around for any trace of them but don't see neither of them through the crowd full drunken teenagers. It was getting quite noisy so squeezed myself through the crowd of drunkenly dancing teens and made it into the kitchen.

There weren't hardly anyone here except a girl sitting on the counter and a guy standing in between her legs making out. It was getting awkward just standing there two teenagers full blown making out with each other. I turned to the side facing away from them as they proceed sucking each other's face off. The girl must've saw me as she hopped off the counter gave me a eye roll and leading her boyfriend out the kitchen, so finally i was alone -- thank god.

I could still hear the bass of the music blasting from outside. I pulled out my phone and checked the time to see it was going on ten- thirty. I started to dial my mother just to check up on her but i decided not to, or she would ask me so many questions if i was alright or did i have a good time or is Luke there with me. She worries a lot .. i guess its because i'm her only child and she wants to make sure i'm okay.

I'm not really a party person, especially like these but i guess theres a first time for everything -- that's what i kept telling myself. All of a sudden the kitchen door bursts open and there's a familiar boy with brown hair making out with a tanned girl with curly hair. They back against the counter lips not leaving from each other, thats when i realized the boy Liam.

I looked away not wanting to watch whatever they're doing, then i heard throat being cleared. i turned to see Liam and whoever the girl he's with looking at me. "I'm s-sorry, i'm sorry. I should go." I said turning away to leave.

"No no, its okay," I heard Liam say. "we were just about to find somewhere else. Um, do you know where Zayn is?"

I shrugged. "No, why you ask me?"

He opened his mouth then closed it, he just shrugged. "I don't know just thought maybe you'd seen him."

"Maybe his girlfriend know, ask her," I said.

"Whats your name?" The curly hair girl he's with asked.

I got confused whether i should tell her my name or not. "I-Its Gabriel."

Just when i thought she was going to be funny like the others. "I'm Danielle, its nice to meet you." She smiled.

'Um, nice meeting you too,' I wanted to say but instead i gave her a small smile. "Why you're the only one in here?" Liam asked.

"Just to get away from the noise and getting kind of crowded." i say.

"Yeah, thats why were in here as well," Danielle say with a chuckle. "Josh, can throw a huge party."

Okay, what the hell are they doing being nice to me? i don't know the girl Liam's with, but Liam is my bully and friends with Zayn and the others. He beats me. Even assaults me, i wonder if his girlfriend know about it. I still don't trust him. What if he make me believe he's nice but he's not? There was a whole lot of thoughts going through my head.

All of a sudden the doors to the kitchen burst open stumbling in a laughing- drunken Perrie and her friend, Jesy. "Yeah, they're probably getting it in by now." Perrie laughed, not noticing neither Liam, Danielle and myself are in here until she finally spotted Liam. "Oh Liam and Danielle, hi. I see you two needed privacy." She giggled. "Have any you seen Zayn?"

Then she turned to me, thats just great. "Oh don't you looky here, look who decides to show up, 'Quiet Girl." She say, looking me up and down with disgust. "Who invited you here?" She asked.

"You don't have any friends, so i don't see why you're invited. Who wants to make friends with a loser like you?" She say causing her friend, Jesy to laugh.

"Perrie, what are you doing? Don't say that to her." Liam's girlfriend spoke up, but Perrie ignored her.

"Well, she is," Perrie said, ignoring Danielle. "no one likes her. You do know that, don't you?" She asked me.

I just stood, there i am back to that girl back in school, not standing up for herself. I felt so weak and defeated. What the hell is wrong with me? I shouldn't let her talk to me like that, but instead i'm just standing there making her win.

She picked up one of the red party cups and walks towards me. All of a sudden, she pretended to trip and spilled what smelled like beer on my shirt causing me to gasp as the cold liquid dripping from me. "Oops! I'm so sorry, did i do that?" She faked gasped.

Her friend, Jesy, started laughing hysterically. "Perrie! What the hell did you do?" Liam spoke up.

I was started to feel like a complete utter embarrassment in front of my enemies. I looked down at my shirt then up at Pierre who gave me a stupid smirk. "What? Are you going to cry? Awh." She fake pouted.

I felt my eyes sting but i didn't want to cry in front of her, so i left the kitchen.

I wounded through the big crowd of drunken teenagers, a little bit of beer splattered on my arm. I wanted to get away from all this and everyone. I can't believe Perrie did that, now i look like an complete mess. While going through the crowd i was looking for any signs of Luke, Ashton, Michael or Calum; but none of them were to be found.

Then i stopped by the staircase, i took another look around but not trace of Luke and his friends. So i walked up the stairs, theres was a couple making out at the side as i moved around them. I took a look at them and kept going up the steps. I spotted a room on the right, wanting to see if it was a bathroom. I put my hand on the cool door knob and twisted it.

The door opened revealing a huge bedroom. Definitely not the bathroom, but looked to the far right there was a shared a bathroom i quickly ran into shutting the door behind me.

I was pacing back and forth, thinking about what just happened. As i stopped pacing, i stood in front of the mirror looking at myself, i was a mess. Tears pricked my eyes. No one likes me, i find myself saying over and over in my head. I wanted to go home and forget about this, i knew it was a bad idea in me coming here in the first place.

I pulled out my phone and started calling Luke's phone and it was ringing. It continued to ring and ring then it went straight to his voicemail. I dialed him again, and still went to voicemail.

'Dammit, Luke. Where are you?' I thought to myself as i sat on the floor with my back against the door hugging my knees.

~Zayn Pov~

I felt the world rock beneath me from the buzz of amount of shots I took. By the last shot, i started feeling warmth through my entire body. The sounds from the party, the voices almost like everything sounds muffled. I started to hear everyone around me at the same time and hear different conversations.

"Aye mate, you okay?" I heard a feminine voice what sounds like Louis. "You look stoned, lets go get you somewhere to go lie down, yeah?"

Then i felt myself being pulled up and then the next thing i know i was being laid down on a comforting surface. Next thing you know, i was blacked out.

~Gabriel Pov~


I dialed Luke for what seemed like the tenth time but still got no answer. I have no idea what happened to him, ever since that blonde came up and wanted to talk to him, i haven't heard from him since.

I sat on the cool tiled floor, still could hear the party going on downstairs. I was getting to the point where i didn't want to be here anymore. If i don't hear from Luke then i was thinking about walking home, which i live not too far from here, only about three blocks. But Luke will be upset if i walk around this late, especially being a girl and all; who knows who's lurking around in the darkness.

I might just do that, give him an another call, if he don't pick up i'm walking home. That was exactly what i was going to do, i couldn't stand another minute in this place.

Thats when i heard a groan coming from outside the bathroom. I wasn't sure if i was hearing things, then i heard it again. 'Wait, Is someone out there?' I thought to myself. I stood up from the floor and placed my hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it.

The doorknob squeaked causing me to flinch, then finally opened the door poking my head out to see a figure laying on the bed. I stepped closer to see no one other than Zayn laying there sprawled out. He looked wasted, i could tell he been drinking by the smell of alcohol coming off him.

I wish i could stay with him to make sure he's okay but he's not even my friend and besides -- he hates me. What if he wakes up and recognizes me? I had to get out of here before he wakes up but then at the same time i wanted to be there for him, let him know i still care.

While feeling like a creep standing there, he groaned and moved onto his side. My heart started beating faster, should I stay or should I go? Then he moved again, this time he was mumbling something i don't seem to understand.

The next thing i know he sat up, his back facing me. I didn't know what to do at that point, so i figured i should leave. I quietly made my way from around the bed over to the bedroom door.

"Hey, cutie," I heard him say, i turned to see him looking at me. He stood up from the bed and stumbled bumping into a dresser. I didn't know what to do i was utterly frozen where i stand.

Then he got his balance and slowly made his way over to me. "What brings you here?" He slurred.

"I-I was just l-leaving," I stuttered, turning away to open the door to leave.

Thats when his hand caught the door and slammed it shut to keep me from leaving. "Why leave so fast, darling? I just want to have fun. Don't you want to have fun?" His cold dark eyes staring into mine. I was trapped in between the door and him with his hand on the door to keep me from leaving.

I shook my head looking down not wanting to meet his eyes. "N-No i just want to leave."

"Wait, i know who you are, look at you " I flinched when he pushed some hair from my face to get a better look at me. Then i heard him, chuckled eyeing me up and down. "you are a dirty slut. Looks like i'll take matters in my own hands." He smirked.

"Z-Zayn, stop okay, you're d-drunk-"

He roughly pulled me into him by the waist, while i struggled. "Come love, I just want to have some fun with you," I was scared shitless, I've never seen this side of Zayn before --ever.

"L-let me g-go," I whimpered, trying to push him away. Then he started kissing my neck. This is really bad. He was kissing me aggressively, and i tried pushing him off. But of course he's much bigger than i am and i'm just weak.

While he was biting and sucking onto my skin, then i managed to break away and slapped him. Now i know i shouldn't have done that, he touched the cheek i slapped him at then turn towards me. He looked angry, i was backing away not knowing what his next move is. I looked between him and the door, thinking should i make a run for it. And thats what i did,but only to be pulled back by the wrist then i felt a sting to my cheek.

It stung, then he turned me to face him again and this time he slapped me really hard, causing me to scream and fall back onto the bed. Then i look up to see him looking at me hungrily. "Harry's right, you are a slut."

My eyes started to water then tears fell on my stinging cheeks. "Z-Zayn, n-no p-pplease-"

He ignored my pleas and climbed on top of me with dark eyes full of lust. Oh god why? He started kissing me all over while i tried pushing him away and begged him to stop. But he didn't stop. His lips presses roughly against mine, making my lips red and puffy with all the kissing. Next thing, he ripped off my top and my skirt, soon my undergarments were removed. He started kissing me all over leaving marks while I choked on my own sobs and tears falling from eyes and into my hair. I was helpless, no one's going to save me from this monster this person has become. What did i do to deserve this? All i needed right now is Luke to save me.

~ Luke Pov~

I looked around for her, but couldn't find her nowhere. A feeling of complete utter and concern practically erupted in my stomach as I frantically scanned my eyes over the room, hoping to see her amongst the crowd. But no luck. I excused myself from the blonde i was talking to -- which nothing seems to be working out.

I happen to see Ashton making his way over. "Hey, do you know where Gabriel went? She left me about ten calls and five voicemails and i'm starting to worry."

"No, I have no idea. Michael's even looking for her."

"Wheres Michael?" I asked.

Thats when wesee Michael raced down the stairs searching the crowd then spotted us, i waved him over. "Have you seen Gabriel?" I tried talking over the blasting music.

"No, i don't see her. I'm looking for her as well, couldn't find her in any of the bathrooms upstairs. One of them is occupied." He said.

I searched the living room once more. "Have you checked the kitchen?" I turned to Ashton.

"Yeah, already did, she's not in there." He said.

"Fuck," I muttered under my breath, then it hit me Michael said one of the bathrooms occupied, she's probably in there. "You said one of the bathrooms upstairs is occupied, right? Maybe she's in there."

Michael shrugged. "i guess." I could tell he was getting worried as well.

"I'm about to go check." I said not wasting time, and heading upstairs with Ashton and Michael following close behind.

I found the room on the right walked right in to see no one in there, but i could tell someone's in here i see a shirt on the ground then looked to the far right to see the bathroom closed. Someone must be in there. I walked over and started knocking. "Hello?" I knocked again. "Hello? Is someone in here?"

I didn't have the patience so I opened the door to find a shirtless drunken Zayn hunched over the toilet puking contents in the bowl. He was a straight up mess. I so happened to see red scratch marks on his skin, some were bleeding. No telling where he got that from. "Zayn," I called him.

He leaned back from the toilet seat wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "What do you want? Get out of here." He slurred.

"Where the hell is Gabriel? Have you seen her?" I asked.

"Who? I don't know-"

"Okay, look Zayn i don't have time for your bullshit, now where the fuck is she?" i asked getting angrier.

Thats when Calum rushed in to the room. "Guys!! Everyone's leaving, the neighbors next door called the cops and they're on their way. We have to go now."

Shit fuck my life. I'm not leaving until we find Gabriel, her mother trusted me to look after her daughter. Now i feel i like a screwed up mess. My phone vibrated in my pocket, i checked it to see Gabriel's mother calling. Shit! I don't know what to tell her. "Hello?" I answered.

"Luke, oh thank god you answered. Gabby's haven't answered her phone and i'm started to worry. Is she with you? Please say she's with you."

Ashton, Michael, and Calum exchanged worried glances. "She was with me and its my fault to leave her behind. But don't you worry, alright? I will find her and i'll make sure to bring straight home, but if she gets there call me and let me know."

Her mother sighed onto the phone, i could tell she's extremely worried. "Alright. Luke please find my daughter and bring her home."

"I will, don't worry. I'll call you as soon as i can." Then i hung up. "We have to find her." I say to the guys, rushing out the bathroom leaving Zayn to do his business. All i worry about right now, is finding Gabriel and bring her home.


I drove for what seem like a half an hour through the neighborhood, no sign of Gabriel anywhere. I've gotten a call from her mother every few minutes telling me she hasn't stepped through the door and asked if we found her. By the recent call she was starting to worry and I was getting extremely nervous.

I was going to drop Calum off at his house but he told me he wanted to help me search Gabby until we find her. Ashton and Michael even took Ashton's car to look for her but they'd send me a text of no sign of her. My hands tapping repeatedly on the steering wheel and looking out into the dark for any trace of her but couldn't find her.

"Luke, don't worry mate. We'll find her," Calum said.

"No, i have to worry. This is all my fucking fault,"

"No its not-"

"What if something happened to her and i don't know-"

"Hey, will you stop. Okay? We will find her, lets think positive here. She's okay." Calum reassured me.

I wanted to believe it, but something in my gut telling me that she's not okay otherwise we wouldn't be looking for her. If i find out Zayn and his friends had something to do with this, they're dead to me.

Calum's phone vibrated, he reached into his pocket and checked it. "Its Ashton. He and Michael still hasn't found Gabriel yet." He sighed.

I continue to drive some more not giving up in finding my friend somewhere maybe walking around in the dark, my phone vibrated. Already knowing who it is, i answered. "I'm still looking for her-"

"She's here!! She's here Luke! O-oh my g-god, she's-" Her voice cracked at the end, i could tell she's crying.

"Is she alright? Is she there? I'm coming over there right now." I hung up and made a sharp U turn.

"Gabby's at home? Is she okay?" Calum asked.

"Tell Ashton and Michael to call off the search. I don't think she's okay."


I pulled up into the driveway after dropping off Calum at his house, I ran out the car and banged on the front door. Finally, a red eyed Pam was at the door i could tell she has been crying. "Is she okay? Where is she?" I asked out of breath.

Pam shut the behind me and i followed her up the stairs to Gabby's room. We walked in to see a painful sight, Gabriel in major shock knees tucked to her chest, she was shaking with fear, her face red from crying. Pam sat down on the bed and reached out to hold her.

"NO GET AWAY FROM ME!! GET AWAY-Y-" Gabriel shouted in between tears cowering away.

"Gabby, please i'm your mother, t-tell me who did this to you?" Her mother pleaded, tears falling from her eyes at the sight of her frightened daughter.

Gabriel shook her head vigorously, panting. When Pam did held her, Gabriel screamed, yelled, tried pushing away then collapsed in her arms and broke down crying. It was painful to see, i stood there completely frozen not sure of what to do. When i looked at her skin closely i could see red marks and bruises.

She started to sob into her mother's chest like a child just woke up from a nightmare. Pam looked at me with red rimmed eyes. "I have to take her to the hospital. I don't like this." She continued calming Gabriel's heartfelt cries.

I've never seen my best friend like this, and it just upset me even more seeing her in this state. I walked out the room and outside pacing back and forth then i slammed my fist on the hood of my car out of anger. Someone has hurted her and i wasn't there to save her.

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