Back Again

He started to walk closer to me until we were only inches about from each other. My breathing started to get faster, as I was nervous what was going to happen next. It was then that I lifted my head to look Luke in the eyes. For a second we looked each other before Luke cupped my face in his hands pulling me closer, crashing his lips into mine.


2. Chapter 2

I walk down the stairs to see my mother standing beside the door eager to open it like a kid who is eager to open their Christmas presents.   


“Doesn’t someone look very happy” I say referring to the ear to ear smile that my mother has plastered across her face.


“Of course I am” she says while smiling. “This is the first time in two years that our two families have done anything like this. You should be happy about this”.


“Me?” I say is a sarcastic tone. “Not happy about this. Of course I am happy. Don’t you the happy written all over my face” I say giving her a blank expression.


“While you better put on a smile missy.” The doorbell rings one more time, and this time my mother grabs the door handle and opens it. There stands none other but Luke Hemmings and his mother.


“It is so nice that you could join us for dinner” my mother says as she gives Luke’s mother a hug. “Luke is is also nice to see you again. It seems like it has been more than two years.” Unfortunately two years is not long enough in this case. “Where is everyone else?” my mother asks Luke’s mother.


“The boys decided that they were going to go out of town for the week. I believe they said that there was some type of festival that is taking place in a town three hours from here” Luke’s mother replies back. “So, unfortunately it’s just Luke and I joining you for dinner”. Unfortunate it is. Why couldn’t he has joined the rest of his family and went to the festival?


I just stand there not saying word. It is then that my eyes trail over to Luke noticing how he has changed over the last two years. He has at least grown a good four inches, bringing his height over six feet. His hair is still the same dirty blonde color that it has always been, the only difference is that his has it in a quiff now. I then notices that he had a shiny, black lip ring. The Luke Hemmings that I knew two years ago would never get something like that, but then again he is not the same Luke Hemmings that I knew.


“I see you still have good taste in music” a deep voice says causing me to come out of my day dreaming. I realize that Luke is standing in front of me pointing to my shirt. I look down at my shirt for I had forgotten what shirt I was wearing. It was then as I looked back up that I noticed that he had a Nirvana T-shirt on as well. “You have to be kidding me” I thought.  


“What is the chance that we would both wear a Nirvana shirt, hm?” he says with a smirk across his face.  


“I would like to think that the chances are very slim, but apparently they aren’t” I say with a sassy tone. I think he has officially ruined my favorite band right now. Why did he have to wear the same band shirt as I did? I think about running upstairs and changing, but I am not in the mood. This night has only began and it has already gone down hill.

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