The Rose of Survival

Adam is around the age of 14 when his life becomes stressful. All he wants is to ease the storm, meanwhile another younge boy about the same age is also struggling for the this so called " Amusement " in his life to ease His storm. (BTW I had forgotten to add this but, Adam is SkyDoesMinecraft ( if you didnt know by now) and Ross is House_Owner........Sorry, my mistake for not adding this in.)


2. A New Level, Friends?

The night had finally passed, the sun rising with beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red, and  blosseming pink colors. All was calm as the younge teen had made his way to his school. The younge child of whom he had called his ''acquaintance'' was aousing in joy as he made his was to Adam. "Hey, Adam. Good Morning!" Ross had said giving a great white smile. " Oh, hey Ross. Morning!" Adam said reverting his eyes towards Ross. The two had walked alongside one another up the school stairs, through the halls and to class. The boys had taken there seats. Ross reverted his eyes towards Adam not hesitating to ask, " Hey, A-adam, I had a question to ask," he started to get nervous but still carried through. " I was wondering, i-if we c-could be fr-iends?" Adams eyes were glossed over like newly cut glass as he was shocked to answer. " I dont mind, Ross. Yea, we could be friends!" Adam stared into Ross' eyes, the dark sea of cristle blue eyes just took control over Adam. Ross stared back at Adam, Some-what feeling a connection. No he knew he was feeling a connection. Ross glanced down breaking eye contact. Adam sighed then broke eye contact as well. "Hey, wanna come over to hang at my place? Well, now that we are friends!' Ross asked hoping for Adam to accept, so he could spend some "alone-time" with Adam. "Um, ok. What time?" Ross replied,'' Around 6:30, at Bellavue street." Adam slowly took out his notebook and tore out a slip of paper, also reaching out of his bag a black ball pointed pen. He began to write, Come to Ross's House: Time:6:30 Place: Bellavue Street. " Alright, I will be there," Adam notified Ross, sticking the slip of paper, gently folding it first, in his pocket. After school Adam had gotten ready, putting on his "Mens" cologne, changing his shirt to a white-button up, and then combing his hair. He wanted to look nice for Ross, and Ross wanted to do the same for Adam. Ross put on his black long sleeves turtle neck, sprayed on his " Mens" cologne, and brushed back his hair. The time had come for Adam to leave. He started to walk his way to Ross', he was harmonizing the theme song of " Attack On Titian" when he had realized that his new friend lives really close by. He made his way to the ramp of Ross's front porch, his voice started fading when he finally reached the door. Knock,Knock,Knock. He began to wait for his friend. The door slowly opened as the younge boy emerged from it, "Hi Adam! Come on in!'' Ross invited Adam with a warm and calming smile. " Sure," Adam replied stepping in. They both took a seat on the couch. " Wow, I like your home Ross," Adam glanced arond then reverted his eyes back to Ross. "Oh," Ross glanced around then replied," Thank you. Its nothing really." So do you live alone?" Ross put his head down and Adam began to panic," O-oh, I really didnt mean it like that, I-im sooo very sorry if that sounded bad. I wasnt meani-" Ross interupted politely," Yea, but its fine. You didnt do anything wronge so its ok." Ross rose his head smiling at Adam. Adam felt relieved he didnt envade on a "touchy-subject" and that everything was ok. Ross grabbed a game called,''Minecraft" and offered to play. Adam accepted and the two began their game. Time had flew by so fast that it had already been two hours since he'd gotten there. " Whoa, its already 8:30. Im sorry Ross but i really have to get home," Adam had pointed out. Ross politely nodded and then walked his friend out. "Bye Adam. That was fun so lets try to do this more often, ok?" Ross waved bye as he gave a great smile to his friend. Adam smiled back, feeling a connection as well did Ross, he replied," Sure, and yea thats fine if we did this more often! Bye Ross!" Adam slowly walked away fading into the darkness of the streets while Ross stood there waving, and watching his friend fade. Ross clossed the do with a smile upon his face. His face lit up with excitement of just hearing the thought that he'd be doing this more often with Adam. Adam then too, walked away with excitement of this thought as well.

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