Mafia Wars

1930; Isaac Ladd is the middle child and next runner up of the mafia known famously around as “Ladds”. This specific group of criminals spends their time taking out the competition and performing jobs as task sent in, with these jobs being done and their enemies dropping like flies, it leaves Ladds in the spot as one of the top mafias around. [Name] [L/n] just so happens to be a younger child who is new to the community on her way to visit her brother when she gets abruptly mistaken for a member of the Ladd mafia. Now being pulled into this mess, [Name] follows Isaac and a Train Conductor named Gordon deeper into the world of Mafia.
[Mafia Leader x Reader X Male protag] [Love Triangle]


1. Chapter One


 Passengers spoke quietly among themselves, families taking the time to catch up with one another, friends long reunited laughing at the tall tales the heard from each other, and couples enjoying the moments they had. The train's wheels roared against the tracks they followed, burning metal clashing for brief moments till it passed by.


        Sitting in one of the seats on this train was a young person, [s/c] cheeks smushed against the glass of the train's windows and [h/c] locks messy and sticking out from all around because of all the bouncing, twisting and turning they had done on the train. Their eyelids were shut tight, an annoyed look plastered on their face as they slept, or perhaps, tried to sleep. When the train’s horn screamed to life, and the tracks ignited with sparks as it began to slow, this resting human being was jolted forward, ramming their head into the wooden seat in front.


        An annoyed groan left your lips, eyes prying open to glance around before pulling yourself off the floor. Rising to your feet, You looked around groggily, rubbing your head as to nurse the bump forming from the collision with the seat. Your [E/c] hues watched as other passengers gathered their belongings and started leaving.


        “Excuse me?”


        You yelped, turning quickly to look at whom may have spoken. A young, or, at least, young looking, man stood before you, a conductor's uniform covering their body. You blinked at him before clearing your throat; “Yes? sir?”


        “You looked a bit a daze, are you alright?” He asked, concern lacing his voice. You took a moment to inspect the man before you, standing high and proud of who he is, red locks poking out from under his hat and equally hazel brown eyes swirling with concern for you. The man wore a white shirt with matching white pants and shoes, different tags and sashes draped over him.


        After giving him a quick look up and down you shook your head, flashing a weary smile. “No, No. I’m fine, the stop just spooked me quite a bit.”


        “Oh, Yes, We did stop quite. . .spontaneously.”


        You nodded in agreement, smiling again before turning and grabbing your own bags. “Thank you for checking up on me. . .uhh?” You turned again, eyeing the conductor with pursed lips and earning a kind smile from him.


        “Gordon, and of course, it is my job to help the passengers.” The redhead chirped.


        “Well, thank you, Gordon. There aren't many kind people nowadays.” You sighed out, still rubbing the growing bump on your head. Gordon gave a small smile, nodding to your words and shrugging slightly.


        “There are still a few good people out there, even if they look bad. Everyone has their own reasons, and everyone has something to protect.” He let his hazel eyes trail you just as you did him and you couldn’t help but shrink under his gaze, cheeks dusting with pink.


        “Aha, yes, very true! I didn’t know I would be getting a life lesson on this train,” You laughed lightly at the male, waving his words off while calming you redding face. “But I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you again.” You stepped back from the man, giving a curt nod before beginning to leave, not missing the smile and short wave from Gordon as you left. As you made your way off the train, you let your [e/c] hues gaze around the station, which was in a building, something new you weren’t quite used to yet.


        But now wasn’t the time to get your head wrapped up in humanity's evolution, now was the time to try and find your brother, whom gave you awful directions. Pulling the crumpled up piece of paper from your pocket, you reread what was scribbled down in old ink, squinting your eyes at the sloppy handwriting.


        Before you came here, you worked as a bartender in a fairly good running bar, though you could deal without the drunks hitting on you, men and women alike. The owner was a kind man, he teased you most of the time and paid you enough to get by. The other worker were nice too, fights rarely happened and when they did there wasn’t much to worry about. Arnold-one of the bouncers and a man who for sure had resting killer face- either broke up fights before they got to bad or broke the noses of whomever started the fights. It was a great place all in all, they became your family after you moved from your brothers, and you just hoped that when you went back they would still welcome you with open arms.  


        Thinking more on your sweet alcohol loving family, you absentmindedly strolled along the sidewalk with your head rocking from side to side happily. It wasn’t like you didn’t love your brother or anything, you did very much, you just couldn’t stand living in the same rotten city anymore, which wasn’t a shock to him. You’ve always loved exploring, ever since you were little, you and Louis -your brother- would run amuck in the city. It caused plenty of problems for your mother and father, but you two had fun and no matter what Louis was always there to protect you from bad people.


        You smiled fondly at the memory, turning your eyes back down to the paper and letting that smile turn into a frown. Your eyes squinted at the words again, trying to read the printed words while looking between the paper and the road signs. This definitely wasn’t the same address you remembered, but hopefully you could find your way there.


        You continued to walk for minutes on end, groaning every now and then before turning on your heel and heading back to the way you came.


        It would be smart to stay around the train station, if anything, I could just ask for directions


        With another sigh, you continued onward, luggage in hand and fingers cramping from the position they were stuck in.


        Cars drove by you as you tried to find your way to your brothers, but none gave you a second glance as they went by. It made you think back to Gordon, think about how he was kind enough to ask you if you were okay; meanwhile all these people weren’t exactly helping you, and the weather wasn't much either.


        A cold wind began to settle in as the sun started to set, brushing up against your legs and under your skirt. Your free arm wrapped around your torso, trying to hold in as much warmth as you could but it wasn’t doing much. Chilling air nipped at your skin and licked along your body, sending shivers down your spine.


        Before you knew it you were sniffling.


        With a defeated sigh you turned again, heading your way back to the train station in hopes of finding someone to point you in the right direction. You looked around the place, taking in the lights of little apartments and listened to families talk. Every now and then you could hear a shout or screams, a soft clatter and bang which made you jump. You forgot how noisy the city was, even in the smaller part, but you would never forget the dangers.


        Where am I?


        By now you stopped walking, looking around at the signs of roads and pursing your lips in discomfort. This street wasn’t exactly the most appealing, not to mention it seemed to be like a maze with alleyways going in and out and leading to different places.


        Sighing again, you turned around but only to shove your nose into something warm and hard. With a yelp you stepped back, blinking your wide eyes up at a few men in matching suits. The one you had ran into shot you a hard glare, cigar hanging from his mouth and eyes sagging down to you.


        “Well, would you look at that, a little kitten is lost in the streets.” He snorted out and you couldn't help but roll your eyes at his nickname for you.


        Kitten. Wow. Very creative.


        He leaned down to you, close enough that you could smell the tobacco in his breath and the cigar. He took a long draw of breath before blowing out, puffing the smoke into your face and causing you to cough and step back again. “What are you doin’ out in out territory littl’ kitten?”


        You shot him a frown, turning your body half away just in case it need be that you had to start running. “I’m just passing through, go home, smoky.”


        Your little comeback made the man and his little friends laugh, taking the cigar from his mouth and tapping it off. “Yanno, I was thinkin’ of helpin’ ya’, but now that you’ve gone and been a little mean kitty,” He set the cigar back between his lips, glaring at you once more, “I’m thinkin’ I might just play with you.”


        A shit eating grin crossed his face as your own face paled, free hand gripping the address in your hand and your luggage beside you. You took many steps back and they took many steps forward, laughing at your horrified expression.


        “J-Just leave me alone. I’m going home.” You tried to defend yourself, and for a moment you thought it worked. They had stopped walking, frowns on their faces and hands moving to their hips. You wondered why they went from looking at you with hunger to looking at you with a glint, that was until you realized they weren’t looking at you. They were looking behind you.


        Before you could turn, hands settled on your shoulders and you ‘eeped, wanting to turn and look at whomever grabbed you. However, hands kept you in position and your eyes stayed on the thugs in front of you.


        “[Name]! There you are,” A familiar cheerful voice chirped from behind you and a chin rested itself on your head.


“G. .Gordon?” You asked nervously, blinking a couple times and turning your head up to look at him. Seeing your distressed face, he gave a wink, hazel eyes dazzling with mischief. “W-what are you doing-?”


        “I can’t just let you go running off like that,” He gave a believable sigh and scowled down at you before his smile returned and he planted a small peck on your head, earning the deepest shade of red from your cheeks. “And you-” He began, looking up to the three black-suited men. “You got some balls going around and saying you were going to playing around with Ladds’ girl.”


        Ladds’ girl?


        “Ladds’ girl? You mean kitten here is apart of the Ladds?” The brute questioned Gordon, giving you a suspicious look and turning his lip up in worry.


        “She is, yeah, and I think you might not wanna mess with this little lady. The Gomez have been on our good side, killing Ladds’ girl wouldn’t help you much. And who do you think would be killed for getting their mafia targeted?” Slowly, oh so slowly, warning began to lace itself into Gordon's tone, his arms dropped from your shoulders and wrapped protectively around your waist. His words seemed to strike something in the three men because they all shot their hands up in defense.


        “We ain’t touched the girl!” one cried.


        “Boss was the only one who wanted to play with her!” The other shook his head.


        Their ‘boss’ gave them death glances, however, it soon turned into a worried smile. “We ain’t gonna hurt the girl, so back off, just get out of ‘ere, alright?”


        “Will do~” Gordon laughed, turning you around and steering you away. You dragged your luggage with you, hand clenched and held to your chest as you limply let him guide you away. It wasn’t till he stopped walking and stood in front of you did you speak again.


        “What- Why- How- hold on- Gordon?” You shook your head with each word, rubbing your eye with the palm of your hand out of frustration. The redhead stayed silent for a moment and you guessed he was giving you time to collect yourself. And after you did, you looked up at him with confusion practically radiating off you. “What was that?”


        “I was making sure my passenger was safe,” He replied coolly, smiling sweetly and shoving his hands into his pockets. “That isn’t a safe area for any defenseless person to walk around in, nonetheless, cute girls.”


        Again your cheeks heated and you turned your face away in hopes the so-called conductor wouldn't be able to see it. “I am not defenseless.” You snapped out.


        “Oh? What would you do? Smack them with your luggage? Claw them? Ehh? ‘kitten’~?” He teased you playfully, leaning away with a relaxed smile and calm hazel eyes. The way he seemed so alright with it put you at peace though you still got a bit flared up at his joke.


        “Shut up- How do you know my name?” You asked another question, jabbing a finger at him accusingly. “Are you a stalker?”


        Gordon put his hands up in surrender, laughing at your blain mind and shaking his head. “You sure do forget fast- I’m the train conductor, You showed me your ticket. Not to mention,” He gave a sorry shrug, “'S on your bag too.”


        For what probably wasn’t the last time in the night did your cheeks explode with red and you let out a frustrated growl, turning your head away from the ‘conductor’ with a scrunched up nose. Meanwhile,he laughed at you, stepping forward and taking your free hand in his. At first you recoiled, snapping your eyes back to him in fear but soon calmed down seeing he was just taking the paper from you to read.


        You gave him a moment, watching as he scanned the paper before folding it up and sliding it into his pocket. “Who’s address is that?” He mused, looking down at you with suspicion.


        “My brothers,” You answered quickly, maybe a little too quick for you own liking. “I’m supposed to be visiting him.”


        Gordon nodded, shooting you a sly smile before linking your arm with his and begging to walk. “Well then, I suppose we mustn't keep the man waiting any more longer.”


        You nodded at his words, smiling a bit at the fact you had been lucky enough to bump into a man like this, kind enough to help you find your way and save you from a mafia, as it seemed. You two spent the next half hour walking in the cold, though Gordon seemed completely fine with it. But you were shivering like crazy and at some point during the walk you found yourself nuzzling close into Gordon’s side, trying to find warmth. He didn’t do much to deny you, wrapping an strong arm around your shoulders as he lead the way. You chatted with him and told him of your past here, how you used to live in the middle class and didn’t know of this side of town, explained where you worked and told him of your family. Why was beyond your knowledge, however you just felt like you could talk to this man. He told you of things as well, where not to go, who to watch out for and what time it was best to leave and go home. Sooner than you wanted did you arrive at your brother's new home


        You unquestionably didn't remember this.


        It was grand, tall pillars holding the roof high up, doors of fine oak wood kept the cold air out and glass windows looked like they could hold back a bullet. The walls were painted white, at least on the outside, and green grass flourish in the front yard, along with beautiful flowers and bushes. The fine black polished gate at the front was the only thing keeping you from walking up the cement sidewalk to the door.


        “Here we are,” Came Gordon’s voice, his own hazel eyes looking around the house. You turned your gaze to him and smiled, finally letting go of your luggage and wrapping your arms around his torso in a hug. He was much taller than you, by how much was unknown, but he had to be over six feet. A good looking tall man saving the girl, seemed like a story to her, though she would prefer not to be saved.


        “Thank you, Gordon.” You hummed out, feeling him return the hug for a brief moment before you two separated. “I probably would have been. . .yanno, back there if you didn’t help me.” You gave a cheeky grin, rubbing your neck with cold fingers sheepishly.


        “Don’t worry about it,” He hummed, taking a strand of your hair between his fingers and playing with it. “I just needed to make sure my passenger was safe.” He stepped forward, hair slipping from his fingers and being replaced by your chin. His fingers tilted your head higher, and for a moment you believed he was actually going to kiss you. But rather, he tapped your nose and grinned, dropping his hand back to his pockets and gesturing you to head up to the door.


        Flustered, you huffed and grabbed your bag, unlocking the gate and quickly trotting up to the grand doors. With your free hand you knocked --it hurt a bit since your hand was so cold-- and waited. From the other side you heard nothing, so you raised your hand to knock again but was stopped when the door swung open and relieved a older man with--longer than normal--blonde hair. His eyes shined a dazzling blue and though his face looked to be of a high classed man with manners, you knew much better.


        “[Name]! Is that you!?” The man shouted, grinning happily with his hands on his hips.


        “Louis?” You mustered out, smiling slowly before breaking out into a happy laughter.


        Louis on the other hand simply grinned, and waved you in, shouting about how he had missed you and how he had so much to tell you. You again laughed and took a step, however stopped upon remembering the redheaded man who helped you find your way.


        Turning around, you opened your mouth to call out to Gordon, but found the lot he took up empty. You blinked and Louis peered over your shoulder,looking into the night for whatever you were looking for.


        “My dear sister, whatever is the matter?!” He shouted, as he normally would, making you shake your head and turn back to Louis.


        “Nothing, My friend helped me get here but. . .”


        “Friend? Who is this friend of yours? I must meet them!” Louis laughed proudly, grinning like he had just won the lottery. You on the other hand simply shook your head and smiled at your brother--he never changed-- then pushed your way into the house and sighed comfortably. It was so warm and nice, you could already feel your fingers begin to thaw.


        Louis shouted a few things to you and you shouted a few things back, both laughing and having a good time. You ate the dinner he had prepared for you, it still warm even though he had made it a while ago. You chatted over a few cups of tea, and before you knew it your eyelids were falling.


        “[Name]?” Louis called to you and you hummed in response. “Why don’t you head to bed, your room is the one with the big letters on it!” He gave you a happy smile which you repaid with a sleepy one.

        Setting the warm tea cup down, you gave your brother a small sideways hugs before waddling away to find your room, which you somehow did. Everything after that was a blur, you remember taking off your clothing and falling into the plush warm bed, and you were asleep in mere seconds, and ready to settle into the next month of mayhem.

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