Yandere One-shots

"Love hurts." You felt the temperature drop, the tingling sensation of a spider creep its way down your spine and under your skin. His hot breath caressed your neck and shoulder, fear inducing you into a paralyzed state. "Doesn't it?"

[Various x Reader][Warning: Contains gore/blood and sexual themes.][Also Posted on Quotev.]


1. Hitachiin ♡ Hikaru and Kaoru [Male!Reader]

Hikaru and Kaoru went 50 / 50 on everything.

       It wasn't a secret, almost everyone at Ouran Academy knew that the devilish pair of twins had taken a huge liking to the not so new transfer student, [Name] [Last Name]. He had gotten here of a music scholarship, being very talented with a violin, and had mistaken the host club room for the correct room he was supposed to be in.



       "Is this it?" [name] asked himself, looking up from the piece of paper he held in his hand and to the big doors leading to an abandoned music room. [e/c] eyes blinked, hand stuffing the note into his pocket while the other reached up, settling on the door. An unsettling feeling swirl in the pit of his stomach, a small part of him screaming that walking into this room would cause him to ruin his chance at getting the life he wants. To be a professional Violinist.


       But, being the curious, rebel he was, [Name] went in anyways, and what he felt would happen, had. He ended up being a real ladies man, many girls assuming he was a new host that was running late, and almost immediately requested to be with him. Tamaki wasted no time to make him an official host, and the girls coming to the Host club had gone up by a lot, even more than it had with Haruhi.


       So now, Here the [h/c] male stood, the newest and most popular host. Request after request came in and in, [Name] talking with each one and just having a real good time. The host club didn't cause any problems for him or disrupt his place to succeed his dream.


       At least, it Hadn't for a while. . .


       For the past few weeks, [Name] had noticed the way the twins stared at him, watching, lurking around almost every corner he had to turn. They would constantly interrupt his chats with girls, glaring, sneering and hissing at them. Of course, no one really noticed, they acted like this to them all the time, however, this time, was different. The look in their eyes of pure hatred, even toward each other. Hikaru was more violent, their 'twincest' turned bitter, and girls stopped requesting to be with them and they were soon forgotten by everyone but [Name] and the other host.


       It was bothering everyone, but it was also terrifying to [Name]. They fought over '[Name]' and him alone, they hit each other, threatened, and on many occasions, hit [Name] because he had tried to stop them.


       "The winner gets [Name]." Hikaru would say.


       "You've never been stronger than me, I have no doubt I'll win his love before you." Kaoru would reply.


       "You think I'll let you take him-!?"


       "I'll KILL you before you can ever see him!"


       And somehow, it had lead to this. [Name] lying, strapped down to a metal table. The only thing he could think of was regret, regretting the mistake of believing Kaoru when he called.


       "Hey [Name]-kun!"




       "Yeah, uh . . . I know me and Hikaru haven't been the best lately, but we made up and wanted to make up for everything we did. . ."


       "Oh? You did, then you guys can make it up at school tomorrow."


       "NO! I-I mean, we want to have dinner with you, we have your favorite foods and everything!"


       "Oh, alright. what time?"


       "Now! Come over now-"


       ". . . Alright, I'll be there soon."


       And with that, [Name] flipped his flip phone shut, staring down at it. That feeling, the same burning in his stomach had returned just like that day. But, what was so bad about this, wanting to make up for your wrongs wasn't a bad thing to do at all. Running a hand through his hair, [Name] began his preparations. The twins were rich, he was not, and he didn't want to just show up in some -as Tamaki would say- 'commenters outfit'. [Name] would wear his tuxedo, the only real nice thing he had.

       It hadn't taken to long to get ready, raking his fingers through his hair and checking himself out in the mirror before heading over.


       Surprisingly, A limo awaited him outside.


       "You're [Last name]-sama, correct?" The stuffed voice of a short, chubby man burbled out, [name] nodding his head. At the nod, The man opened the door, stepping aside. "Masters, Hikaru and Kaoru are waiting at the Mansion." A little part of Him was insulted at the fact they sent a limo to pick him up, but he brushed that off and nodded again, settling himself in the back seat.


       Upon arrival, [Name] stood at the front of the Mansion for a good five minutes, gawking at the huge home. However, when the chubby man coughed, [Name] was pulled from his thought and scurried up the large steps, arriving at the doors and knocking.




       The in sync shouts of the twins caught the boys ears, blinking when they stood in front of him, doors wide open. Both wore identical clothing, hair styles the same and playful smirks had returned. A smile crossed [Name]'s face, waving at them before stepping into the house and following them as they blabbered on and on about the food. But, even with them acting like they normally would, [Name] felt a very unnerving feeling in his chest. It wasn't till after he had eaten did he realize his mistake.


       Tears rolled down his cheeks slowly, eyes staring up at the empty black space above him. Blood was sputtering up and out of his mouth, trailing down his face and neck. The agonizing pain he was going through, his tongue having been removed from his mouth so he couldn't speak, so he couldn't 'tell lies' to the twins.


       "What to do , what to do~" Hikaru hummed out, leaning over the fragile body of [Name].


       "Not sure-" Kaoru shrugged, staring at [Name]'s [e/c] eyes. ". . Perhaps we should remove those, they look at others with so much happiness. . .They should only see us, ne ne, brother?"


       "Yeah, that's right, hahah. . .I get the right~"


       "Dips on the left!"


       And the pain had begun again. First was Hikaru, who had leaned over [Name] and smiled. His eyes trailed along his face and down to his lipsone hand cupping [Name]'s soft cheeks gently -letting his thumbs wipe the tears away-. Their lips connected moments later, not really to anyone's surprise, and he pulled away a few seconds after. His hand moved, index and middle finger touching the top of [Name]'r right eye and his thumb on the bottom. He gave a manic smile to him, pushing in.


       [Name] hadn't screamed, however, his body went numb to the pain a while ago, but he did gurgle blood in protest, suddenly losing all sight in his right eye and feeling a small sting of pain. Hikaru pulled his hand away, holding [Name]'s [e/c] eye in his palm and giggling. He rolled the small ball in his hand, humming quietly as Kaoru easily removed the second eye.

       The pair of twins looked at each other once he had finished, sick grins on their faces before they both held the pair of eyeballs up, [name] having passed out from loss of blood. They watched the eyes in lust and want, giggling madly at different times, creating an insane sort of demonic laughter.


       After putting the eyes in two different containers, The twins continued to completely separate and dissect the body, the right belonging to Hikaru and the left to Kaoru.

       Because Hikaru and Kaoru went 50 / 50 on everything.

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