Ayden just entered the world of the supernatural by becoming a new vampire and had great expectations as to what it holds. However, the appearance of the one person he hoped never to see again is making his immortal existence a living hell.


2. Welcome to Club Eclipse


I looked up at the towering building and the letters on the side Bane Technologies. I was going to work here starting today. Someone tapped my shoulder and I jumped. I spun around to see a laughing Mason.

"You scared me half to death!" I complained to the grinning panther. 

Mason held up his hands, "Sorry, Ayden."

I sighed, "What do you want? I thought that you had already left for your club."

"I was, but I saw this on the table and guessed that you might want it," he shrugged as he handed me my employee pass, "I guess I'll see you later."

"Mason," I called, "Thanks and I coming by your club later."

I often had to remind him that I was coming over for multiple reasons. First was the fact that Mason was not the tidiest guy around and I refused to enter his apartment, which was above the club, until it was clean. Then there was the issue of the club that Mason works as a bartender in was also the club that I went to when I needed to feed and blood bags weren't cutting it. I couldn't recall how many times I had needed to ask him not to call me by my real name. The people I feed from may not remember my appearance, but a name was a different story. Finally, I just didn't like having to wait in the noisy place while waiting for him to return from Devil knows where. I sighed again and headed into the tall building.

It was almost the end of my first day at Bane Tech and everything was going great. I found that I got along well with my co-workers, many had even decided to meet me at Mason's club, Eclipse it was called, and have a small welcome party. I didn't ask them to not use my name since I looked totally different from when I visit any other time. I was even nice and told Mason that just this once he could call me by my real name while at the club. 

I was walking out of the front door when I crashed into someone.

"Ow," I winced as I touched my now sore nose.

"Are you okay?" I had heard this man's voice before. I looked up and my suspicions were confirmed.

"Lukas," I growled his name.

He looked at me in surprise, "Ayden, what are you doing here?"

He was clearly bewildered, but I didn't care, "I work here."

Suddenly I heard a shout, "Ayden, are you alright?" It was Clarke, a petite girl who blushed when I looked at her for reasons I couldn't even begin to fathom. However, before I could answer she skidded to a stop beside me.

"Mr. Bane!" she squeaked. 

"You mean you know this bastard?" I asked her and she looked at me in warning, but nodded.

"Yeah, he's the son of the company president after all," Clarke still looked fearful.

"Great," I cursed, "I just can't seem to get rid of you, can I? It's high school all over again. After I ended our relationship you just wouldn't stop trying to contact me." My temper was flaring. Both Clarke and Lukas looked startled at my outburst,  but I'd had enough run-ins with the ex-boyfriend. Before I lost total control I told Clarke I'd see her at the party and practically ran down the sidewalk.

Once I was a good distance away from the building I slowed down and picked my way to Eclipse, thinking that I would change into the clothes I had in Mason's apartment. It didn't take long to reach the deserted club. A bouncer that I didn't recognize was standing in front of the door.

"We're not open yet," he said gruffly.

"I know, but I-" I was cut off by his next command.

"Go home and come back later," My anger at meeting Lukas hadn't entirely disappeared and I was very close to ripping the bouncer's head off when Mason opened the door. 

"Ayden!" Mason did a good impression of a fish once he saw me and glanced at the bouncer, "Don't just stand there. Ayden is my friend, so let him through."

The bouncer looked to me, astonished, "Sorry, sir." He looked frightened and I scowled at Mason.

"What did you say to him about me?" I asked, suspicious.

Mason gave me an innocent smile, "I didn't say a thing, unless you count your reputation here, Baby."

I ignored the nickname that the staff had given me, "Since Mason told you about that then I can assume you know that you can't call me by my real name unless I give you permission. Tonight you get a slight reprieve, since some of my co-workers are coming using my name won't be a problem."

The bouncer nodded and I turned back to my beaming friend, "Mason, tonight please refrain from calling me Baby. I may be used to your teasing, but they could misunderstand." He pouted, but agreed.

"Good, give me your key," Mason handed over the key without a second thought.

"I guess this means that you will be staying the night and will most likely be drunk," I nodded reluctantly and my friend smirked, "Fine by me, maybe I can finally get you to kiss me."

I pushed his shoulder as I laughed, "Not in your life."

Mason smiled and moved out of the way, so I could head to his apartment.

Once in his apartment I jumped in the shower, as I dried my hair I changed into my clothes. I wore dark skinny jeans and black combat boots. My shirt was black with quarter sleeves that showed the tribal swirled tattoo and the Chinese writing on my arm. I wore a thick leather bracelet over my wrist to hide the scars that resided there.

I checked the time as I finished dressing and saw it was nearly time to meet everyone. I rushed down the stairs. Eclipse was already crowded as I looked for my co-workers. I saw Clarke sitting at a table that was close to the bar with the others when I finally spotted them. Walking over, I caught the attention of Nina, my secretary, and she waved at me. 

"Wow, Ayden, is that really you? You look so different than at work," Clarke spoke up and scooted over, so I could sit. I laughed. Suddenly, Mason appeared at our table.

"What can I get you?" he asked.

"Mason," I said, "I though you were off tonight."

"I was, but Jamie called in sick and they couldn't reach Austin." I nodded in understanding.

"You already know what I want," Mason scribbled down the name in the small notepad he held.

"And for the rest of you," He flashed one of his brightest smiles at Nina and Clarke and took the rest of their orders, "I'll be back with your drinks."

Nina automatically came closer, "Who was that?"

I grinned, "That's Mason, he's my best friend."

"Is he single?" she was staring longingly after Mason.

"He is, but you may have another issue," my grin took on a mischievous turn.

"And what could be the problem?"

"The problem is that you are the wrong gender," her eyes widened as I said this.

"You mean a guy who could have his pick of probably any girl in the world is gay," I nodded and she sighed.

"Damn, I don't believe you," she shook her head and at that moment Mason returned.

"Hey, Mase," I said, "Nina, here doesn't believe that you are gay."

"Really, then shall I prove it?" Mason smiled evilly, "Byron, could you come here please?" I saw some the others around the table smile in anticipation for the show Mason was going to put on. Byron walked over and Mason kissed him full on the lips, their tongues locked in a fight for dominance. Finally, Mason pulled away to leave a red faced Byron. Byron waltzed away, having completed his task.

"That good enough for ya, Ayden?" I gave him a crooked smile and glanced at Nina, who looked similar to a tomato at the moment.

"Perfect," I answered, "Nina, that proof enough for you." She nodded frantically. Everyone laughed.



A/N: Not much of the Lukas/Ayden romance in this chapter, but Lukas will make his appearance in the next. Also, the fact that Lukas is the son of Ayden's boss is supposed to be a form of torture for Ayden. I'm very evil to my characters *smiles sadistically*

Ayden: Why do I have to be tortured?

Me: Because it's funny.

Ayden: Is not.

Me: Oh, hush. I'm the one writing this, so you have no say in the matter

Ayden: *glares*

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