The hell squad

What happens when Lyss stumbles apon the Hell Squad, a group of fictional characters and real characters that are trying to make the world better?


2. Prologue


I never thought I’d see the day when we let a cowardly girl join the hell squad. I mean she was so small and fragile looking, and only a teenager! What the hell was I thinking! Ok, let's back up a minute, I suppose I should explain what i'm going on about. My name is Jussie-chan, and i'm a part of the hell squad, not just a part of, THE LEADER of it. Now you're probably wondering what that is, it's basically a squad filled with the roughest and toughest people, there are mostly anime people though than from the real world. Anyway, I suppose I should let the girl herself explain what happened, after all, she knows more about it than I do..

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