The hell squad

What happens when Lyss stumbles apon the Hell Squad, a group of fictional characters and real characters that are trying to make the world better?


3. Chapter one


I've always been a curious girl, and always went through my parents things for secrets they may have held from me. No matter what secrets I found out about them, they were still my parents and I loved them very much. One day I felt like my parents were hiding something from me because there was one drawer that they kept locked, and my curiosity got the better of me when I noticed that the key was under the bed. That was the day I learned something that changed my life. As soon as my parents went to work for the day, I grabbed the key from under the bed and went to the drawer. I didn’t stop to think  that what might be in there would be life changing, only that it was a mystery that needed my solving, my curiosity demanded it. I was about to unlock it, but heard the front door open, and jumped at the sound. Quickly, I unlocked it, grabbed whatever was in it, locked it back up and dove under the bed just in time for the door to swing open. “Where is she? We have to find her” My mom said frantically, something told me not to come out, or to show my face to them even after I left the room, something about them was not right. My dad then raced into the room and said “maybe she went outside, let's check” and together they raced out of the room and into the backyard. I shot out of the room and into my room, not relaxing till I had locked the door. Finally feeling like I was safe, I looked down at what I had grabbed from the drawer and read the paper in my hands. My expression changed from confusion to a look of pure horror, My voice shaking, I whispered “I’m adopted?”.I looked down at the part that said “True parents” and was sad to see that it was blank, ‘I wonder who are my real parents?’. Suddenly, I heard a loud BANG come from the other side of my door, and my “dad” yelled “OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!”. Scared, I decided I had to get away from them, who knows what they were going to do if they caught me. I quickly opened my window and jumped down into the bushes. As soon as I reached the ground, I got up and ran, behind me I heard my bedroom door crack under pressure and looked back to see my dad in at the window, he screamed “you get back here!” And turned to race downstairs. I took off and didn’t stop till I reached the city a couple hundred yards away, ducking in the first barren house I could find at the edge of the city. Gasping for air, I looked around for the first bed I could find and sighed as I spotted  a comfy looking mattress. I collapsed onto the bed, slipping immediately into unconsciousness..


--- Six Months Later---


I had been jumping from house to house ever since I was nearly killed by my “parents” and so far I had been lucky, every house I had gone to had at least a bit of food and a bed. ‘I wish I had never found out about that, stupid curiosity’. I needed to head into town because I had finally found enough money to buy a bag of cheese puffs, my favorite kind of chips. I gathered the money I found and raced out the door of the recent house closer to the center of the city I have called home for the past six months. As I raced past people on the street, there were those who glanced at me like I was something undesirable, those who looked at me curiously, and those who ignored me completely, but I hardly noticed their opposition towards me. All I could think about was how good those chips would taste. When I finally got to the store, I bought the first bag of cheese puffs I could, and ate them as I walked home. I had learned to be less curious, what other people are doing shouldn't concern me, it only leads to trouble. I was walking fast, trying to get home when I heard a shout that has haunted my dreams since the day I ran away, “Hey! You get back here !”. I whirled around and saw my fake dad pushing through the crowd behind me. Panicking, I turned back around and ran fast, so fast I didn’t stop to think about where I was going, my white hair flying in the wind as I shot past street after street. When I finally realized I was totally lost, I had finally ditched my fake dad, and it was almost dark. Not caring, I ran to the first house I saw, opening the door and racing inside, slamming the door closed immediately. When I knew I was no longer in danger, I sighed heavily and sank to the ground. “Am I never going to be rid of them?” I questioned out loud, and sighed knowing I wouldn’t get an answer, and laid down to sleep, not seeing two pairs of eyes watching my every move with obvious curiosity..

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