The hell squad

What happens when Lyss stumbles apon the Hell Squad, a group of fictional characters and real characters that are trying to make the world better?


9. Chapter 7


    “Yeah Manis.” I asked him as he brought me into an empty hallway. He waited a second and then said to me. “You can’t keep bringing in random people that end up on our path. It’s not always safe.” He said impatiently. “I know that, it’s just, she seems like she would be a good member here. I think tha…”  I tried to continue but his lips smashed into mine. I didn’t know what to do. I pushed him off of me. “What was that?!” I asked incredulously, and he replied with “sorry” and walked out, leaving me very confused. Before he could get to his room, I caught his arm and said impatiently “As I was trying to say, I think she’s something special, I don’t think she’s just a regular human” and I walked away before he could turn back to me.

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