The hell squad

What happens when Lyss stumbles apon the Hell Squad, a group of fictional characters and real characters that are trying to make the world better?


4. Chapter 2


“Jussie-chan, we have news, there is a girl near the secret entrance” Zero said, walking up to me. I nodded and said “I see you aren’t talking in haiku like I told you too, good work, now show me where the girl is” and he nodded. He led me up the stairs and towards the main entrance to our hideout, and slowly opened the door to let me see. I frowned as I saw the girl lay down and go to sleep. ‘Out of all of the houses in this city, she had to pick ours? Was it fate, or coincidence?’ I thought to myself. I started to walk away from the door but the floorboards  gave out a small squeak that made me stop in my tracks. ‘You know, she doesn’t look like a regular girl, perhaps she's like us, but if she was surely she would have sensed us’ I thought as I edged back to the door to see if she had. As I opened the door, I stared in shock at the girl standing in front of me as she asked hesitantly“Who are you, and why were you watching me?”..



I can’t believe I was able to sleep at all, I kept feeling these energies somewhere near but couldn’t quite place exactly where, only that they were close. When I looked up, I saw a door in the corner of the room close slightly, and knew immediately that I wasn’t alone. Carefully, I got up and walked to the door, hesitating as I stared at the knob, before reaching to open the door. Well, wasted efforts because someone else opened the door before me, and stared back, obviously shocked. It was a woman. “Who are you, and why were you watching me?” I just had to ask her. She hey eyes narrowed and she said “First off, can you tell me who YOU are and why YOU’RE here, this is not a place you can stay.” I cocked my head and asked “why? Not that i'm saying I want to stay here cause  I have a house of my own I was just curious” and her expression lightened a bit. “By the way, where are the rest?” And she cocked her head. “Rest of what?” She questioned, and I replied simply “the rest of the people I sense spread out around here” . Her eyes widened, she leaned in a little closer and asked “you can sense them?” And I robotically nodded, taking one step back.

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