Boy meets Boy and Boy and Boy

Eric is boy who meets boy after boy after boy and battles with his feelings for each of them. Romance and friendship is a fine line in his case.
Trigger warning for homophobic slurs


6. Chapter Six

Me and Kaden were sitting on the floor, actually watching the film, while his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend were making out on the bed above us. It did create quite an awkward atmosphere but I didn't mind since I got to see Kaden blushing.
"I'm sorry about this," He said and I shrugged.
"I've seen worse."
"I wish it could've just been us but he needed a place and it's his place too unfortunately." He wished it could've just been us. That's basically code for he wanted to make a move on me. I noticed his hand was on the floor, holding him up, and since he obviously didn't have the guts to make a move I put my hand on top of his. He moved his hand away and mumbled an apology. Did he not understand what I was going for or something? "You haven't eaten much of the pizza, do you not like margarita?"
"No, I do like it," I said and grabbed a slice. "I guess I just got distracted." Finally his roommate got off the bed and him and his girlfriend ran out of the door, no doubt to go somewhere more private.
"At last," Kaden mumbled and I sighed. I needed to know if he was interested in me or just playing with my feelings.
"Kaden," I started and he looked at me. And when he looked at me I lost all of my courage. "Do you want to come to this party on Saturday? This girl called Naomi is hosting it."
"Oh, yeah, sure, I'd love to." I hated myself for constantly backing out of asking him. I needed to know at some point but not at that moment. I was content with just sitting with him and watching a movie. I didn't need anything else, in that moment everything was perfect.

Days passed and I never thought of the right time to ask Kaden but before I knew it it was Saturday and we had to go to the party together. Me, Kaden and George. George and Kaden hadn't really had much interaction as far as I was aware of so I thought it might've been pretty awkward for them but it was so much more awkward than I could've anticipated. We met at Kaden's dorm and walked in complete silence to the party but there was an edge to it. Like there was some tension between them.
"So, what's going on here?" I finally decided to ask.
"Nothing," George mumbled.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Kaden said even though there was clearly something. I didn't want to say anything more on the subject so I let the uncomfortable silence fall again until the pounding of music being played at full volume was heard. We went inside and it was quite a scene. With dancers and people making out and people doing keg stands, I didn't actually know that people genuinely did keg stands before that moment, and honestly I was terrified.
"We should go somewhere quieter," George said and I nodded but before we could we were approached by Naomi.
"Hey guys! I'm glad you could make it! It's the most I could do after all the things I said." She didn't seem drunk but she also didn't seem like her usual self.
"Thanks for inviting us," I said and she smiled.
"Also, someone asked us to do this but we're going to be playing truth or dare in about an hour. I know, lame, so high school, right? I'm actually really excited, don't tell anyone though," She said and I nodded. "Meet in the living room at 8, okay? Or just chill there now but there are so many people getting it on so I wouldn't recommend it."
"Thanks for the warning," George said and he put his hand on my back and started guiding me towards the crowd. I didn't want to leave Kaden behind but he wasn't anywhere to be seen when I looked back. George and I eventually made it to the back garden which seemed to be the only slightly quiet place in the house. We sat on the grass and I just stared at the sky, it was a peaceful night even with the noise from the party. "Are you excited for truth or dare?"
​"Yeah, I'm kind of hoping to hook up with Kaden," I confessed and he nodded, not saying anything more. "So what's the deal with you two?"
"Nothing, I already said that," He snapped. I knew there was something but I didn't want to make George any angrier so I just decided to not ask anymore.
"Hey, we're starting truth or dare early, come on!" Naomi yelled at us and we both got up and entered the house.

"So, who's brave enough to go first?" Naomi asked, rubbing her hands together. She really was enjoying herself. I tried to avoid eye contact with her so she wouldn't pick me but with my luck she did anyway. "Eric, truth or dare?"
"Uh...truth," I said an she sighed.
"You're no fun," She said and pouted. "What's the furthest you've gone with someone?" 
"All the way," I mumbled and felt heat creeping up my cheeks. 
"No way! What was it like? Dish, dish!"
"You already asked your question," I said and and she scowled. 
"Okay, Eric, ask someone," She ordered and sat on some guy's lap.
"Oh, uh, George? Truth or dare?" I asked, I didn't really know anyone else except Kaden and I didn't want to ask him to make out with me.
"Truth," He said and everyone groaned. "Okay, fine, dare."
"Um, kiss the most attractive person in the room?" I said, I knew everyone wanted to see people making out but I only knew Kaden and Naomi and didn't really think George would enjoy that. Everyone was eagerly waiting for George to do something, as was I, but he just sat there.
"Do something then, George," Naomi said and he tensed up even more.
"You could always go back to truth but I could just ask you who you think is most attractive in this room so-" He pressed his lips against mine, cupping my cheek in his hand and then quickly pulling away.
"Fuck me, I didn't actually think you guys were into each other," Naomi said and the silent room just watched us and me and George stared at each other.
"George, it's your question," Someone said and he turned away from me but I kept looking at him.
"Kaden, truth or dare?" He asked and I finally looked away and instead looked towards Kaden.
"Dare," Kaden said, confidently. 
"I dare you to kiss Eric." Everyone in the room started whispering and staring but I knew why George was doing this. He knew that I wanted to hook up with Kaden but he had just kissed me and I was so confused by everything, I didn't know what to do. 
"Okay then," Kaden said, standing up and walking towards me. "I'll make sure everyone's more impressed by our kiss than your's." I saw George's jaw clench but he said nothing. Kaden pulled me up and planted his lips on mine in one swift motion, he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me closer to him and therefore deepening the kiss. This was what I wanted. I had wanted it since I met him but I could only think about George and how it felt to kiss him. With George it was so pure but Kaden felt so lustful, it reminded me of Frank. I pushed Kaden off of me and ran out of the house, as I felt the rush of the cool air on my skin I just burst into tears. 
"Eric, what's wrong?" George asked, he sounded short of breath like he had run out of the house as well. I wiped my tears away ferociously and shook my head.
"N-nothing it's fine, go back to th-the party," I said and instead of leaving he wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me into the warmth of his body. 
"I'm sorry I kissed you," He muttered and I shook my head.
"Don't be sorry, you idiot," I said against him. "I didn't run out because of you it was because of Kaden."
"I thought you liked him."
"So did I. I don't know, I didn't feel good when we kissed." I did feel good when me and George kissed though and that was the problem. 
"I didn't want to kiss a stranger, kissing you was just easier," He said. He didn't actually think I was the most attractive person in the room. That was upsetting. "Not that you're not attractive it's just you know we're friends, was it weird? I'm sorry if it was weird."
"It wasn't weird, it's whatever," I said even though it was heartbreaking since I finally realised I liked him and he only saw us as friends. 

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