Boy meets Boy and Boy and Boy

Eric is boy who meets boy after boy after boy and battles with his feelings for each of them. Romance and friendship is a fine line in his case.
Trigger warning for homophobic slurs


4. Chapter Four

George took me to his house which was a short walk away from mine and sat me down on the sofa. I didn't really know why I was there but I guess it just put him at ease to see me not being pinned down even though it was my fault.
"Here," George said, holding out a mug to me.
"What is it?"
"Hot chocolate," He said and I took it. He sat beside me and a silence fell across the room. "I'm sorry for beating Dylan up but he deserved it."
"No he didn't, you went too far getting him off of me was enough."
"Why are you like this? Why aren't you thanking me? I helped you."
"No one deserves to get hit unless it's for self defense. It just reminds me of high school," I said and shrugged.
"I'm sorry. I was insensitive."
"It's fine really, uh, I need to tell Kaden that I'm alright he might be worrying about me," I said and got out my phone.
"Oh...okay." I walked to the next room and called Kaden's number.
"Where are you?!" I heard him yell above the loud music playing in the background.
"I'm at George's place."
"Who's George?!" 
"He's a friend, he's in my English class."
"Oh okay! Text me later we can hang out tomorrow!" 
"Um, okay I'll see if I can, bye," I said and hung up. Being interested in a guy who had no clue about how gay you were was stressful. I sighed and went back into the living room where George was flicking through channels. I sat beside him and he glanced at me.
"How's Kaden?" He asked and I shrugged.
"Have you found out if he's straight yet?" I shook my head and he nodded.
"Hey, about that guy-"
"Dylan was the one pinning me down, high school sweetheart, I deserved it though."
"No you didn't," He said almost instantly.
"I did though. I wanted him to stop loving me so I told him about Frank."
"This guy who was my rebound from Dylan, I had sex with him and he left. He literally only wanted to fuck me and then he just abandoned me. It sucked but whatever," I said and shrugged. George wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug, it was strangely comforting but it didn't last for long. We were interrupted by a knock on the door. He let me go and walked to the door in silence and as soon as he opened it a girl with red hair in a braid jumped on him and hugged him. "Sam, come on!" He yelled but he hugged her back. I wondered if this girl was his girlfriend even though he hadn't mentioned a girlfriend to me before. She hopped down and turned around, just realising that I was there.
​"Who's this handsome man?" She said, talking to George but looking at me.
"This is Eric, we go to the same college."
"Hello Eric, this one's a cutie, keep him around I'm into brunets," She said and ruffled my hair, her bracelets jingled as she did this. "I'm Samantha, by the way, better known as Sam or Sammy, I'm George's sister."
"His sister?"
"Her Dad married my Mum when I was 4, so stepsiblings but we consider ourselves as blood-related," George explained, closing the door and walking over to us, I was wondering how they could look so different.
"No need for the history lesson, George," She said and then turned back to me. "So, Eric, are you seeing anyone?"
"Not at the moment," I said.
"Oooh, got your eye on anyone?" She asked, she didn't seem to care about boundaries at all.
"Uh, sort of, I don't really know if he's straight or not though."
"He?" She said, her eyes widening. Yeah, that surprised people sometimes.
"Eric's gay," George said and her face went back to normal but with a grin on her face.
"Like you then," She said to George and he blushed, looking at me and I raised my eyebrows but he just shook his head. "I caught George looking at some boys many times when we were younger, I always teased him about it."
"I wasn't staring at the boys, they were with girls and I was looking at the girls."
"That what you said before but I never believed you, so, Eric, is the person you're interested in my brother?" She asked, putting her arm around George and causing both me and him to freeze and just stare at each other, thinking about what to say.
"N-no, he's into this guy called Kaden, right, Eric?" George said and I just kept staring at him. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know George or Kaden that well. But, I felt more comfortable around George. Did that mean I was interested in George or was it just friendly? I couldn't say anything because I just didn't know what my own feelings were at this point.
"I have to get home, I'll see you tomorrow," I mumbled and swiftly exited his house and started quickly walking towards mine. I didn't want to think about what feelings I might develop for George when I was interested in Kaden. I just told myself to think about Kaden, I didn't even know if Kaden was straight, he seemed interested in me. I just needed to take a chance so I dialed his number. 
"Heyyyy! Eric!" He yelled into the phone and from the slurring of his voice and his excitement I quickly realised that he was drunk.
"Hi Kaden, are you having fun?"
"Yeah, yeah, this party's AMAZING. I wish you were here thouggghhh." I laughed at his words but there were tears in my eyes for some reason. It was like everything was unreal. I was standing under a lamppost, talking to a guy I liked but I was feeling this undeniable sensation of sadness. "Are you still there?" I sniffed and wiped my eyes, like he was going to notice that I was crying.
"Yeah, I'm still here. I was wondering something actually, I needed to ask you this for a while but I haven't had the guts," I said. "Uh, you know what, never mind, I'll ask you when you're sober."
"Ah okayy, see you around," He said and hung up. I needed to ask him at some point but that wasn't the right time. The time would come and it would come after I knew him better. Maybe I wouldn't even need to ask and he would just ask me out. That would only happen in my dreams.


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