Boy meets Boy and Boy and Boy

Eric is boy who meets boy after boy after boy and battles with his feelings for each of them. Romance and friendship is a fine line in his case.
Trigger warning for homophobic slurs


5. Chapter Five

I went to college the next day knowing that I was going to see George in class and knowing it was going to be awkward considering the last time we saw each other his sister asked if I was into him and I ran out instead of answering. He probably got the wrong idea now. I was into Kaden and I was starting to think that he was into me considering the text me sent me.

Good morning! It was a shame you didn't stay at the party, it wasn't the same without you. We ended up playing truth or dare but I didn't feel like playing without you there, we'll have to have another party where we play it and you're there. See you around x - Kaden

So, he was either into me or leading me along in my mind. Or he was a straight boy or had no idea what he was doing to me. Either way I couldn't wait for the next party so we could play truth or dare together. I entered my English class still thinking about Kaden until I heard my name being called.
"Eric!" It was George. I forced a smile and walked over to him. "Hey, I'm sorry about last night my sister doesn't understand boundaries. Anyway, I wanted to make it up to you for dragging you away from that party early."
"Oh, you don't have to, I didn't miss anything really." Except for truth or dare with Kaden.
"No, really, there's this party that Naomi, that girl who said that thing to you yesterday after English, is organising and she invited me as a way of saying sorry. She also asked if I would ask you."
"Uh, okay, when is it?"
"This Saturday, will you come? There's not much point in me being there if you're not going," He said and grinned at me. I thought about it for a second and then a smile spread across my face.
"Can I invite Kaden?" George's grin faded as I said this.
"I don't know, you'll have to ask Naomi," He muttered and I frowned. I was about to ask him what was wrong but then Marc walked in and coughed at me, signalling me to sit down. I quickly walked to my seat and sat down. I continued to wonder what bothered George throughout the lesson which ended up just being quite a boring lesson about how he wanted us to all do a creative writing piece about our lives at college for extra credit until Marc started telling us about his experience in college.
"College was an interesting time for me. It was where I discovered a lot about myself. My music taste, my friends, my sexuality, it-"
"Woah, you're sexuality?" Some guy asked.
"Yes, I'm polysexual. Attracted to many but not all genders," Marc said with no expression on his face as the guy just sank into his chair as Marc continued.
"Do you think he's going to try it on with one of us?" I heard the same guy whisper to someone behind him. I wasn't the only one who heard, Marc did as well.
"I am currently in a relationship with someone who identifies as non-binary and I am attracted to many genders but male is not one of those genders. Also hooking up with one of my students is against the rules of this college and I like my job. So, no, I will not try it on with any of you."
"You don't have to say anything. If you are not comfortable with someone who is not straight being in this classroom you are more than welcome to leave."
"I'm...sorry," He mumbled and Marc continued to talk about college while my heart just swelled with respect for him.
"Now, since I've already talked about my sexuality I would like to invite any queer students of mine to join the GSMC, Gender and Sexuality Minorities Club, I will give you a list of times we are meeting. I am the professor in charge of it so would anyone be interested in attending."
"Recruiting for the gays," I heard someone whisper under their breath.
"I'd like to join," I said and Marc smiled at me, I was aware some people were looking at me but I didn't care
"Thank you, Eric."
"I'll come with him," George said. I wasn't sure if he meant it in a 'Hey, I'm queer and this is me coming out' way or a 'I am a supporting cis-male heterosexual' way but I didn't intend on asking.
"Okay good, class dismissed. Eric, George, come here."
"So, that was interesting," George said as we stood at his desk and the rest of the class filed out.
"That's one way of describing it," He said and smiled. "I heard there's a party on Saturday, Naomi's party specifically, get her to get out of her comfort zone I've heard around that you're both already influencing people's live. Let's hope you both stay together so you make each other's lives a lot more...interesting."
"Oh...uh, we're not-" George started.
"We're not dating," I finished and he looked at us both.
"Really?" He asked and tapped his fingers on his desk. "Interesting."
"Could we possibly leave now?" I asked and he shooed us off. We walked out of the door and I started laughing, at first George gave me a strange look but he eventually laughed along. "Why does everyone think we're dating or into each other?"
"Because they all know you're gay and think because I'm hanging out with you I must be your boyfriend," He said, laughing even harder. I stopped laughing once I saw Kaden walking down the corridor, I didn't want to look like a mess in front of him.
"Hey, mind if I borrow Eric for a moment?" He asked George, smiling brightly as he usually did.
"Of course not, as long as Eric doesn't mind," George said and both of them looked at me.
"Um, I don't mind. I'll see you later, George," I said and waved as I walked off with Kaden. "So, what did you need to borrow me for?"
"I thought we could hang out since we don't really get much time to but I don't really know your tastes so I decided a movie and pizza in my dorm, does that sound good?"
"Y-yeah, it does."
"Good, you don't mind if a couple of my friends come over too. By friends I mean my roommate and his girlfriend. I told them not a lot of affection, don't worry," He said and I decided that being around Kaden, even with people was better than no Kaden at all.
"I'm fine with that," I assured him and he grinned.
"Good, I really didn't want to third wheel." And with that we started going towards Kaden's dorm and I thought about all the possible outcomes to watching a movie with an attractive guy who was constantly flirting with me. I didn't need to know his sexuality, I could just go along for the ride and hope for the best.

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