The Selection: Going For The Crown

In celebration of the last Selection book coming out soon, I have decided to write a fanfic (that and I'm bored). Most of the chapters will be short and lacking in detail since I don't want this project to take up too much of my time. I am the main character this time, not Jacie. You'll find out some things about my personality, general thoughts, and some of my oppinions. No, my name isn't really Jessanne, but it's close to that. -----
What if Kris Ambers wasn't the girl from Columbia? What if Jessanne Birch was picked instead?


3. Chapter Two: Meetings, Greetings, and Makeovers


The palace was bigger than I ever could’ve imagined. I was one of the first girls to arrive since Columbia was so close to Angeles. Silvia ushered me and the group of girls I’d traveled with into the Great Room.

“Alright girls, we’re going to need ‘before’ pictures,” she told us gesturing to a chair in front of a plain backdrop. “Please don’t mind the cameras, ladies. We’ll be doing a special on your makeovers, since every girl in Illéa’s going to want to look like you by the time we’re done today.”

That was when I noticed the camera crews milling around the room. I gave a weak smiling when one of them was pointed at my face. The room was also swarming with maids. They seemed to each be getting their own salon station together. I didn’t like makeovers, but it would good to have that kind of background in case I ever wanted to use it in a story.

One of the maids shoved me into the chair in front of the backdrop. My picture was quite literally taken in a flash. The next thing I knew, I was over at station three with two maid brushing out my long, curly, brown hair.

“Alright, let’s talk about your image. How do we want to make you look?” One of the maids asked.

“Well, I think my image should show something about me other than just what a look like. Maybe we could use the color green as a theme?” I suggested quietly.

“That’s an excellent idea! We’ll make you the girl in green! Flora, Kate, get the stuff out for both a manicure and a pedicure. What color nail polish should we use?” The maid babbled in excitement. She must have really liked my suggestion.

“Let’s go with a middle shade of green. Ooh, and sparkles!” I squealed. This makeover thing had me in rare form.

By the time the team was done, I could hardly recognize myself. I looked like royalty. They had gone light on my makeup, saying that I didn’t much to look stunning. My hair already had layers, but they cut it so that they stood out a little more. I decided to have some of hair in the front cut into bangs that swept to the side. My nails were painted a sparkly shade of green that perfectly matched my day dress. A silver pin was placed on my dress. In glittered my name in the palace lights. Even though everything looked so beautiful, my favorite part of the makeover was the green stripes my team had put in my hair. They told me that an unnatural shade of hair dye was pushing it a little, but it helped bring out my personality.

I was sent back over to the photo chair for my after shot. Then I was sent to sit on a couch and chat with the other girls until everyone had arrived. A woman came up to me with a clipboard in her hands.

“You’re Jessanne Birch from Columbia, correct?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said uneasily.

“Great! This is for the makeover special. We’re going to do a little interview to help the public get to know the girls.”


“Well, I can see that you’re now rocking an awful lot of green. Tell me what that’s about,” the woman prompted.

“My team and I decided to go with a bit of theme,” I answered.

“I can see that. You took it all the way up to your hair even. Don’t you think green stripes were a little bit drastic?”

“Not really. I think my new hairstyle represents me. It’s what Queen Amberly said: be yourself.”

“You’re a Three, right? Tell us about how different the palace seems than what you’re used to.”

“I think everything just has some extra sparkle really. Even me.”

“How do you feel about the competition so far?”

“Gosh, I’ve only met a few of the girls so far, but they all seemed nice enough.”

“How do you feel about the way your makeover turned out? Worried about anyone else’s look?”

“The staff has done a good job of making all the girls here look stunning, but doing what they want at the same time. Everyone’s happy.”

“Thank you, Lady Jessanne. That’s it.”

“Bye,” I said, feeling relief set in.

I sat there on the couch watching as more and more groups of girls trickled in. Being the in the first group to the palace had only left me with more time to wait. Olivia, one of the girls who traveled with me, and I chatted for a little bit before she left to talk to someone else. I saw the woman doing the interviews talking to a girl with fiery, red hair. America Singer. She didn’t look all that different from before the makeover. It really suited her. When her interview was over, she walked my way.

“Hi,” I said.

“Nice to meet you, um…”


“I’m America.”

We shook hands and then she sat down on the couch next to me. Her cream colored dress looked gorgeous under the lights in the Great Room.

“Which province are you from again?” I asked, trying to start a conversation.


“I’m from Columbia. It’s just north of here. You’re a Five, right? What do you do?”

America’s face seemed to light up a little bit at that question. “I do music. I sing and I can do a few instruments too. Mainly the piano and the violin.”

“I sing too!” I exclaimed, glad to find some common ground.

America gave me an odd look. “Are you one of the other Fives then?”

I laughed. “No, I’m a Three. I like to sing for fun though. Maybe we could do some music together at some point.”

She grinned. “I just might have to take you up on that.”

America got up and walked over to a girl with long, blonde hair. I was pretty sure it was Marlee Tames from Kent.

When everyone had received her makeover and done her interview, Silvia led us to our rooms. My room was down at the end of the hall next to America’s. I smiled at her as we walked to our rooms together. She gave me a brief grin in return. When we reached our rooms I turned to her and said, “If you need anything, let me know.”

With that, I disappeared into my room. Three girls looked up at me when I walked in. They promptly curtsied and introduced themselves as Ava, Molly, and Rose, my maids for the duration of my stay. My room was a lot bigger than I was used to. There was a tidy desk in one corner and bookshelves that lined the walls. A set of french doors opened out onto a balcony overlooking the garden.

After eating dinner in the Great Room with the other girls, I unpacked and had my maids dress me for bed in a flimsy, pale green nightgown. Rose seemed to especially like my green theme. She decided to extend it to varying shades of blue and yellow as well and promised to make sure all of my dresses matched my color wishes.

After Ava and Rose left for the night (Molly, my head maid, was supposed to stay in my room all night in case I needed anything), I decide to wind down by reading a book on the balcony. Just as I was about to head back in, I heard a commotion in the garden. Looking down, I saw America run into the garden and collaps next to a stone bench. I couldn’t believe who came out after her. It was Prince Maxon! He sat down on the bench and tried to talk to her, but America just wasn’t having it. I only managed to catch a few words of the conversation and it was only because America started yelling something about cages and things being ridiculous. Finally, Maxon left. I’m not sure if she noticed, but when America seemed to looking my way, I winked at her.

I grabbed my book and headed back into my rooming, locking the doors to the balcony.

“Molly,” I said.

She looked up at me in shock as if she couldn’t believe that I had just addressed her by name.

“Yes, Miss?”

“Please, call me Jessie. Everyone at home does.”

“As you wish mi-I mean Jessie.” Molly blushed.

I smiled at her. I hadn’t even been in the palace for a full day, but it was already starting to feel like home.

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