The Selection: Going For The Crown

In celebration of the last Selection book coming out soon, I have decided to write a fanfic (that and I'm bored). Most of the chapters will be short and lacking in detail since I don't want this project to take up too much of my time. I am the main character this time, not Jacie. You'll find out some things about my personality, general thoughts, and some of my oppinions. No, my name isn't really Jessanne, but it's close to that. -----
What if Kris Ambers wasn't the girl from Columbia? What if Jessanne Birch was picked instead?


1. Intro

35 Girls

35 girls were flown to the palace, each with the same goal in mind.

In a few months time so short and divine, 34 girls would've been sent home.

One left standing and alone she stays.

Queen until the end of her days.

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