Dearest Diary

This is the diary of my alter ego Maggie. My thoughts, feelings, and life basically, just with the name Maggie. :)


2. My Second Entry

Dear Diary,

Today Lily really got me going. First, she told me I was the worst big sister in the world, and that she would want anyone, but me! Brat, am I right? So, that was just perfect :(. It's Saturday so I don't have school. All day has been a boring series of errands with Mom. Dad's at work, and finally we're home. Lily's sitting on her bed making videos for social media. Did I forget to mention we share a room? Mark's downstairs, in the basement, playing video games. The usual. I can hear Mom in the kitchen cooking her famous Meatloaf for dinner. Yummy. Something to be excited about. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....I forgot to shower today. I honestly don't feel like taking one. Whatever, I'll go showerless for a day. I'm kinda tired, I have to admit. My life's boring so idk what to write to you diary. Oh, I had a bagel for lunch. Ugh why am I so boring on weekends? It's too late to even invite Nelly or Kasey over. I was supposed to hang out with Candace and Courtney tomorrow, but I don't think it's going to happen. This is all just coming to me now. Yet, I couldn't care less. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a more interesting day. Well, diary, I hate to bore you. Anyways, dinner is ready.


-Maggie XOXO

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