Dearest Diary

This is the diary of my alter ego Maggie. My thoughts, feelings, and life basically, just with the name Maggie. :)


1. My First Entry

Dear Diary,

I'm going to guess you'd like to know who I am before I start telling you every detail of my life. First of all, I'm Maggie Barcen. Pronounced as Bark-in. I know, horrid right? Well, I'm going to give you some information about my family. First, my father. Nicholas Barcen. He works a TON. He's only home 1 day a week! It sucks, not seeing him all the time. Sometimes, I get worried he feels bad, then I feel bad, but that's a different entry. Anyways, moving on. My mother, Elise Barcen. She is wonderful. Both of my parents are. But, sometimes she freaks out. Like has major angriness. It's scary. There's one thing you should know. I am exactly like my mom. (Not the freak out part.) We have the same personality and actually look alike. People call me Little Elise, often. Next, in my family is my older brother. Mark, who's 15. He's SO annoying and can be a jerk sometimes. Yes, he's an awesome big brother, but he's a teenager. Whatcha gonna do? He enjoys video games and he does Boy Scouts. More, but I honestly don't feel like writing it all down. Continuing, my little sister, Lily, who is only 1 year younger than me! My mom and dad treat us like we're the same person! They try to understand, but sometimes it's just impossible. My sister can be a brat, and sassy, but she can be fun to play with. She likes baking, and dancing. She does more as well, but you'll figure that out in future entries. I am the middle child. Guessing, you want to know a bit about me, now. So, yep I'm a middle child. So are my parents. They understand me. Usually. My mom and I are super close and so are my dad and I. I like to sing, act, and laugh. I laugh a LOT. I also enjoy playing outside. This past year I've been getting a lot of crap from a "friend" of mine. Well, I thought she was. You'll here about that later. I have a crush on a boy who has the same name was my brother. Mark. I've known Mark (my crush,) since we were 3 years old. Insane, right? I have awesome true friends, and I love my life. My family also has a dog. Cooper. He's adorable. What dog isn't? I adore him and I love playing with him. Well, there you go. Now you know my family. The crazy Barcens.


-Maggie XOXO

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