Well hello mikey

I feel as though no one actually loves me except for my parents, well I have exceptions to them as well sometimes. Until one night may change my love life. His names Michael.

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3. selfie. sick. hottie

We start to walk up to the ticket booth. 1adult please I say smiling at the ticket holder. She takes a couple of chews on her gum then takes my money. 'Tanks' she says. 'Wrist' she spits a spec of spit above my lip. I role up my sleeve 5cuts are boldly there. I hold out my wrist and she tuts.

I gaze around while Cerys gets her wrist band. That's until my eyes are attracted to a tall red head. He's queuing for the ghost train. I glance for what seems for ever until a iPhone 6 in selfie mode is shoved in my face I look to the holder. It's my class mate Kelson. He smiles so I do the same for his sake of a good selfie.

'Thanks babes' He laughs and hits my side gently.

'Thats okay' I smile

'Wheres Calum?' He looks around a little

'Rugby practice, wait Kelson arnt you in his rugby team?'

'Yeah' Kelson scratches his head. It's summer we have no practice.' I role my eyes oh for fuck sake what's Calum playing at. I walk over to cerys.

After a quick red bull and chips we head for doggin rapids. A massive rollercoaster.

'Cerys babes i feel sick' I giggle.

'Your not the...' Cerys grabs my shoulder bends down and pukes luckily missing my feet. Just. I laugh. 'let's go on again' we both laugh.

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