Well hello mikey

I feel as though no one actually loves me except for my parents, well I have exceptions to them as well sometimes. Until one night may change my love life. His names Michael.

#michaelclifford #sex #kissing #love #rides #calumhood #lukehemmings #breakup


1. Keen right?

I pull my grey Nirvana top on and smile, how can something feel so comfortable? I grab my black ripped jeans and pull them up. I do a little bum wiggle so that there on properly. My friend Cerys hates when I do that in school.

*Beep Beep*

I look at my phone. A snapchat ghost pops up with BABE under it. Aka Cerys my number one gal. I swipe and type in my password. My screen fills up with yellow. And then my message appears.

Cerys- Bitch you ready for this fair? Me- babes I was born ready for rides Cerys- good cus I'm outside

I gasp already? She's ten minutes early. I pump up my hair apply a little gloss to the lips. I look at my top one last time. A little too showy for my liking. Oh well fuck it I need to go.

I rush down the stairs grabbing my money from the table 'Bye daddy' I shout yes okay I'm 16 but he's still my daddy. I open the door and slam it on the way out.

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