Dress Code

How weird would it be to live in a world of masks and masked people.Well in this world yes. Donnavan is born and raised in this world of mask and action and mysteries.four girls out kill to him.Why?..


2. Spring Purple

Good evening, and I am Leona White but I've been short named as Leo. I work in a organization called Dress Code. A organization of female Assassins. Starting last month I've been put to work in a group of girls. I am the most wise assassin in the organization. Why I'm I a assassin? you ask. Because In this world there is a horrible law that is just not fair. I reject it I care nothing of it. My older brother Lucas believed that expressing, caring and sharing was the most important thing in the world. I remember before they murdered  him for breaking the law. He told me before he passed. Leona promise me to change the world, so there could peace. And so I promised that revenge and I will get peace. I am twenty one now. And the girls in my group all just want revenge, one is crazy another a killer and the other is kinda normal a lot like a leader. I am okay following her she's sane. My special armor is purple which means my soul is of a killer with purple blood. After being with the girls for two years now everything has been hard.  I am now undercover lately as a teacher. But finally we got are target the son of the creator of the horrible law we have to endure. I can't wait to use the legendary seven torture mechanics on him.

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