Dress Code

How weird would it be to live in a world of masks and masked people.Well in this world yes. Donnavan is born and raised in this world of mask and action and mysteries.four girls out kill to him.Why?..


1. Masked

Poor sad souls with no where to be shown. In a Masked World, literally. This world is sadder then the rest. There was a big accident that happened. That cause the law we have now. To never show are face to no one, but to yourself. Out in public if you show your face ones it's jail for you. Show your face twice is death for you. Strict law right trust me I know, I was born in this world of mystery and masks. Yes I have five different masks. But enough about me, the problem here is that there are four girls out to get me or kill me. I don't know Why. But I hope I can get through this.

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