Aarmau in love

This is an Aarmau (aphmau & aaron) love fanfic where they fall in love and date... don't judge me o.o


2. The Question

They went to aphmau's house when they finished their food

''hey aphmau if you guys really don't want us here we can go.'' Said Laurance.

''No guys stay! we can let you stay...'' Aphmau said

''Yoou sound really reassuring.'' Laurance said

Then aaron butted into the conversation.

''You're going!'' Aaron said

''This was me and aphs night me and her A-L-O-N-E alone!!''

He pointed to the door.

''A.. Aaron I've never seen you act like that before...'' Said Aphmau. ''But it's kinda hot'' she mummbled

''Aphmau I.. I'm sorry can you forgive me?'' Asked Aaron

''Of course Aaron!!'' she answered.

''Can we go upstairs to the windows'' he asked.

''Sure that's a little specific...''

Some feels and romance are coming up bros XD lol

They looked up at the beutiful sparkling and glimmering stars.

''It sure is beautiful.'' Said aphmau

''Not as beautiful as you aph.'' aaron put his arm around her.

Aphmau blushed ''thanks'' she said as she put her head on his shoulder.

''Aphmau..'' Aaron said

''Hmm'' aphmau said.

'' I fell in love with you when i first saw you i never had feelings like that for any other girl i met...''

''Aphmau will you be my girlfriend?'' he asked

''Aaron I... I... YES Aaron i love you of course.''

Aphmau leaned in and pulled aaron closer she

kissed him on the lips

'' Aphmau I thhought this kind of thing would only be in my dreams'' Aaron said

Aphmau's face was beat red and her heart was beating faster then it ever had.

Aaron picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

he took off her clothes and put her in her kawaii kitty pajamas

Aaron put her in her bed and held her tight close to him

Aphmau smiled and fell asleep

Aaron whispered in her ear ''I will never let you down i will protect you with my life'' he kissed her cheek and turned off her light

''Aaron... I love you'' she whispered in her sleep.


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