Third Wheel

I'm not used to human interactions so I thought I'd still try to write a romance novel? Wish me luck.


2. The Concert

I fight it. 

I suppress the thought by folding my arms, scooting to my left ever so slightly in my chair. I curse at myself mentally as I rest my head on my palm. My eyes were on the stage but to be honest I wasn't staring at anything. It's not like Shouza's cologne was strong or anything, it was that just showered kind of scent and it was driving me insane. You see, for me a guy with a lingering scent is... it's...on my check-list...

The two exchange friendly conversation, I could hear what they were saying but my mind wasn't grasping a single word. I dig my fingernails into my skin in order to fight the urge to turn and stare at him...and sniff him... 


The voice comes from behind us. I whirl in my seat to see two guys seating themselves. One held up the peace sign.

The other exchanged a secret handshake with him and I recognize the two almost immediately. 

Oh my God! You're Ricardum and Michelangelo, from the band Notorius Hearts! 

I open my mouth to squeal like the little piggy I am but nothing came out. My mind short circuited, I whirl back around pressing my hands firmly together as I look down at my lap.

"Ah, Madison you're here too?"

"What're you guys doing here?"

"Checking out the competition. You?"

"What does it look like we're doing?"

"Wait. you really agreed to go out with him? You chose him over me?!"

I sink in my seat a little my focus fading. So they were Madison's friends too? She never told me she knew Ricky and Micky from Notorius Hearts but then again she is a rising star I'm sure she knew plenty of celebrities given her background. There it was again. Creeping into my thoughts like a cockroach that I had believed was squashed to a pulp. This feeling! My right hand shifts over my chest in order to calm my nervous heartbeat. 

They're not celebrities, they're people. There's no such thing as celebrities only talented people. I closed my eyes trying to convince myself this when the sound of the lights going off and screams filled the room. My eyes open, it was as if I had forgotten all my worries because as Ulysses Fennick, the lead singer from Wizzor strutted onto the stage, I shot up out of my seat, bouncing up and down onto my feet, screaming along with the rest of the audience. 

He approaches the microphone stand nice and slow, grabbing the mike gingerly, as if grabbing a lady by the waist. He scans the crowd, I bounce a little when his eyes skim over me. 

He tilted his head a little and smiled smugly, that did it for one of the girls in the audience who screamed even louder than the ones already audible.

"I bet...." Ulysses starts. "That you're feeling lucky tonight." We scream in confirmation.

Behind me I hear someone snort. I ignore them.

"But you're not the one who's lucky." As he wags his finger he removes the mike from the stand and walks backward all the while never taking his gaze off the audience. Even from here I could feel the magnetic pull of his eyes, it was if my heart was a kite and he was my owner, tugging at the string after I've strayed too far, as if he was telling me to come back to him!

The lights on the stage dimmed as he walked backward onto the stage the green lining on his outfit glowing brighter and brighter. Smoke pooled out onto the stage, enveloping him to the point where we could only see the green glow.

"The one who's lucky is..." the dark tone in his voice sent shivers up his spine.


Two other green lights appeared from behind Ulysses' forming the shape of a three-leafed clover. The starting music to Wizzor's song "My Lucky Charm" cues in as the smoke clears. I bob up and down when they bust out into their choreographed dance. Ulysses singing the first lines as Gabriel and Stephano slipped out from behind. 

I searched high and low to find my gold

stalked a couple of rainbows

but I-uh... couldn't find what I was looking for

guess I needed some kind of blessing


At that moment, the fourth member of Wizzor, Hasha appeared from the darkness.


And there you were!

From out of nowhere

Might you be some kinda hallucination?

But here we are!

Sky gazin, 

You grew on me like the green under my feeeeet..

You're myyyyy

They were singing all together now. I clap and sing along.

My lucky charm...


My lucky Lucy! 

Baby, you're my...


Throughout the entire song, I gave myself to the music, mimicking Wizzor's movements. My eyes locked on the stage in awe. I sung along, unaware to the sound of my voice harmonizing with the audience. It was like this for most of their performance until I became aware of my own fatigue. Their final act was their debut song "Bewitched" . 

When it was over, we mill out the auditorium, chattering excitedly. I was still high from the awesome performance. I couldn't get over how much Wizzor had grown as a group. It was almost like they were pros now. The thought of it made me shiver.

"You okay, Darling?"  Madison's voice peers into my thoughts. I blink at her.

"Huh? Yeah." I try to contract in my wide grin only for it to stretch wider.

"I can see why you like them, they're pretty good," Madison says blushing. "I think I might actually already be a bit of a fan."

"You can't do that."

Michelangelo drapes his arms around her shoulder.

"You can only be a fan of our group." he whispers in her ear. I glance at Shouza who pierces him with a heated look. 

Micky unwraps his arms almost as soon as he wrapped them around her.

I laugh. 

That's when everyone or really Micky and Ricky actually notice me.

"Who's this?"

Their words pierce me. I look elsewhere pretending to be as invisible as I felt.

Madison frowns at them.

"She was sitting with us the whole time!" 

"Was she?" I hear Micky ask. 

"She was the girl sitting next to you, I thought she had came by herself." Ricky's words were it for me.

Madison swings her arm over my shoulder while I avoid their eyes. 

"This "girl" has been my best friend since middle school, her name is Darling! Darling Pearl!" She huffs.

I look elsewhere, failing miserably at stopping the heat from rushing to my cheeks.

"Darling Pearl? That's an interesting name."  Ricky pauses. "You can tell she's loved."

"Well this is news to me, I wasn't aware you had any female friends." The new tone in Micky's voice made me shift my gaze ever so slightly, he was eyeing me now with newfound interest that made my skin crawl, before I would be the one to eat pictures of him with my eyes, but now that he was doing the same to me I didn't know whether to faint or cry. I retreat from his stare, behind Madison where I push her forward slightly. 

"I'm... gonna go." 

Madison whirled. 


"It was nice meeting you... Shouza." 

He nods at me, and I take that as my signal to balk towards the exit. I felt bad leaving Madison, half of me wanted to go back and stick around but I don't know if I could withstand the pressure of standing in the presence of such awesome people. How ironic, in middle school, I always wished for one of the cool kids to notice me, that maybe we could be friends yet here I am retreating. A hand locks onto my wrist and pulls me back, startled I turn to see Madison. She wanted to tell me something but she wouldn't say it. She takes a hold of my hand.

"Let's go."

I let her pull me out until we get to the parking lot.

"Did you take your Dad's car?" She scans the parking lot for something that wasn't there.

"No, my apartment is close by so I walked."

She raises her eyebrows.

"You don't live with your Dad anymore?"

I laugh.

"I haven't been living with him for 3 years now."

She raises her eyebrows at me.

"Oh, it's just that you seemed so relaxed that I thought...." I was slightly offended but I play it off with a smile.

"I work in a store, the owner's an old friend of my Dad, it's not stressful work and every day I learn something new." 

Before I realized it we were walking, to where I didn't know.

"What kind of store?"

"It sells mostly clothing, shoes and accessories but it also has a small cafe it's called Rue's Roses."

"Ah! I've heard of that place from some of my coworkers, apparently it's becoming fairly popular in this town."

"It's still fairly new so it's only available in this town."

Madison beams at me.

"Sounds like a new legend in the making!"

I laugh.

"Ah hearing that aloud, sounds so cheesy." 

"Anyway, I'll stop by when I have the time. I have to go now but we'll be meeting at lunch for tomorrow right?" 

I smile. 


She waves goodbye before running back towards her group. 

That was her world now and mine was over here, huh...











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