The River

"The River" tells the story of Connie Francis Boothe who struggles to bring up three children in the damp living conditions on Howdon Road, North Shields in the 1950's Her Husband Richard is out of work and she is nearly seven weeks in arrears with her rent and eviction is looming. She has already pawned two of her mother's rings in order to feed her hungry children. Richard is a bit of a jack the lad who has ducked and dived all his life as a labourer - then he meets Beverly Madison a tall beautiful girl who is seven years younger than him but has had a crush on him since she was only fourteen. he begins an affair until after six months his wife finds out. How will Connie cope on her own after her husband leaves. follow this story of rags to riches - The River is one to read.


28. 28

“Alan, please.’

“I work for Tyne Tees Television; I’m a producer.’



“It sounds very glamorous your job.’

“It has its compensations,’

“Yes,’ I noticed the shiny car outside

“The old girl is getting on a bit now but she gets me to work and back.’ She’s not a family car but there’s only me so I indulge myself.’

“So you’re not married then.’

“No; I’m afraid not. I’ve never met the right one you see.’

“What about you?’

“I was married for twelve years; I am awaiting my divorce papers.’

“Oh I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to pry.’

“Its fine really, my husband ran off with a younger model so to speak.’

“That must have been hard for you.’

“Yes it was, but I’m over it; life goes on doesn’t it.’

“I admire your courage; it must be hard bringing up two children on your own.’

“Two children I have three Alan, my other son is at home; he’s thirteen now and you know how it is he wants’ his own space.’

Cynthia asked if she would like tea or something a bit stronger.

“I don’t mind a glass of sherry if you have one.’

“My son and I like a dram or two of whisky; don’t we Alan.’

“I’m afraid so but I have to be careful in case I’m pulled over by the police.’

Cynthia poured out the drinks and Alan passed her sherry to her.

They clinked the glasses together and Alan said to the future whatever she may hold in store for us.’

The Harvey’s Bristle Cream Sherry tasted lovely as Francis sipped on it. The warmth of it as it went down into her stomach helped her to relax even more than she already was and she found herself laughing at the jokes Alan was telling and fascinated by him also.

My Mother says that you have moved into my old house.’

“Yes, but I didn’t know it was yours.’

“Well I bought it outright about ten years ago when properties were going cheap. Then I bought a luxury apartment near the studio.’

“Like me, you haven’t far to travel to work then.’

“That’s right.’

“Is Alan your only child then Cynthia?

“Yes, he is but I lost one due to a miscarriage.’

“I’m sorry, Cynthia.’

“It was a long time ago now and I’m grateful that I have Alan who looks after me don’t you son.’

“Yes mother; I’m just glad that you are fit and have all of your faculties; I don’t know how I’d cope if you weren’t.’

“I’m sure that you would manage.’

Alan poured himself another large scotch then topped up Francis’s glass.’

“I do hope that you are not trying to get me drunk young man; Francis laughed.’

“Young man, I’m thirty nine years old.’

“You are very young looking I must say.’

“It’s amazing how young you look after a few glasses of sherry.’

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