Avalon doesn't like many people. She's pretty closed up. She doesn't believe in love. Will that change just because some boy came into her life? Probably not, but it could make her happy for once. It could get her into some trouble too.


2. New Year, New Me? Yeah, Right

Being a junior is awkward. You have the respect of the underclassmen, but you're still not respected by seniors very highly. You still have to show them the utmost respect, like more than the teachers, if you want to survive.

Coming back to school after winter break is always a major kick in the ass. If you're like me, you're tired as hell from staying up every night you were out and still slightly hungover from the New Years party and my birthday party the weekend before.


I am thankful to be in Florida though, given that it's 70° outside and it's January. It'd suck if it was cold. Even so, you still have though preppy little Jesusy bitches walking around in scarves and personalized leather boots, trying to shove religion down everyone's throat. Don't get me wrong, I am Christian. I just don't believe in forcing everyone around you to listen to you talking about your religion. Trust me, no one wants to hear it.

I make my way to first period without stopping at my locker. I mean, I have gym first period. No need to get on the nasty floor this early to get into my bottom locker. Yeah I'm short, but is a bottom locker really necessary?

I make my way to the gym, running into my friend Lisa on the way.

"There's a new sophomore starting today," she says. No "Hey, how are you?" Just something about a stupid sophomore.

"Please tell me why I should care?" I reply.

"You should care because we have first period with him, plus he's goes to my church, so I know him. He's super hot. And he's supposed to be in our grade, so he's 17 already." She says.

"Oh great. Too bad I don't care," I roll my eyes as I say.

"Damn okay. I guess you're right though. He has a girlfriend here. A sophomore."

"Then why are you still talking about him?" I ask as I push open the door and almost hit the kid coming out.

"That's why," she says.

I apologize and look up. Holy shit. This guy is cute. He's mixed definitely, his caramel colored skin is literally flawless. Dark eyes, dark, tall curly hair. I take that back, he's not cute. He's hot.

"Oh no it's my bad, I shoulda been watching. Hey Lisa, just heading to the office," he looks at me, "l'll be right back." And with that he goes around us and heads to the office.

I stand there speechless for a second, before Lisa says, "Ha! I told you he was hot. Did I not?"

"No, you did," I say and walk in to the gym and then the locker room. "What's that kids name?"

"Malachi. Hot name, right? Hot name for a hot guy," she says.

"Okay you gotta stop. He's got a girlfriend. Gotta respect that." I say.

"Fine. You still coming to church with me on Wednesday?" she asks.

"Yeah, sure," I say, not really listening. I can't get over how attractive he is. Like is that even legal? I'm still thinking about it when I walk out of the locker room, dressed out, and right into Malachi.

"Woah!" He says, "Looks like we have a thing for running into each other."

"The gravitational pull between us is pretty strong I guess," I say flirty without even thinking. I realize what I said after I said it, but oh well, too late to back out now.

He just looks a me for a second, then smirks and says, "I guess it is. I'm Malachi. Malachi Jacobs. What's your name?"

"Avalon," I reply, "Avalon Christiansen, but everyone calls me Avie."

"Ay-vee?" He questions.

"You got it. What about you? Any other name you go by?" I ask.

"Nope. Just Malachi," he replies.

"Okay then, 'Just Malachi,' it was nice to meet you," I say.

"Not as nice as it was to meet you," he says with a wink before he walks off to where Coach is taking role.

I stand there stunned for a little while. Is Lisa sure about that girlfriend? Because I'm not.

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