Avalon doesn't like many people. She's pretty closed up. She doesn't believe in love. Will that change just because some boy came into her life? Probably not, but it could make her happy for once. It could get her into some trouble too.


1. Love Is Bullshit.

Yeah I said it. Love is bullshit. It never works out. I would know. There's no such thing as those stupid gooey romances you read where the big bad jock falls back down to earth from his pedestal that he put himself on for some little nerdy girl that, God forbid, wears glasses. When you're a girl who just so happens to be smarter than everyone else you go to school with, there's no way in hell you'll find a guy that's actually into you unless he's a major fucking nerd. It all comes down to one thing: guys don't like it when a girl is smarter than them. They hate it when a girl has a mind of her own. A smart girl may fall in love with a dumb boy, but nine times out of ten, he'll use her to pass his classes and then drop her. You may be thinking, "Jesus Christ, this girl is so cynical!" And you know what? You're damn right. It's the only way to get through life without being walked all over. So that's how I am. I call it tough, others may call it being a bitch. It's up to you really. Either works for me.

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