He is bad news,can't you see it?|Z.M

''My nana said that you are bad news Zayn.''
''Anastasia,can't you see how much I love you?Don't you feel that sparks when I kiss you?Don't you feel that goosebumps that I create on your skin only with my touch?''
''I feel all of it Zayn.''
''Then,Anastasia,you can feel my love.And I can feel yours,and no one is going to stop that,by putting thoughts in your mind.Not even your nana,Anastasia,not even her.''


13. What else from the power of love?

It's been 2 amazing months that I had my son,my amazing son.We moved out of Germany and we are in France,helping Simon with some enemies around here,who are ready to attack London.We still have in our hearts our country,of course.Right now I am breastfeeding Kaiden in our hotel suite,while all of the boys are next to Simon's suite,thinking about a plan,because the enemies are getting close.Also that Gigi bitch.''It's good,huh baby?''I whispered to my gorgeous baby boy.Today his really small body was hugged by a nappie,an aqua color onezie,with an aqua also blanket around him.He had his incredible eyes closed,and continued latching,eating like is the last time that he is doing it.He was fisting his tiny hands in his blanket.In the suite,it was really quiet,and I really loved it.I layed carefully on the king-sized bed,so I am not going to distract my child from his peacefull eating.I glanced out of the window and saw that it was snowing once again.I gave birth to my baby on October,so we are close to Christmas.Kaiden shivered and opened his eyes,so I quickly put and the yellow baby blanket that it was laying beside me to his body,making him happy and let him continue his meal.I heard the door opened and saw Zayn's face quickly turning into a smile.''Is he eating?''He whispered to me and I nodded,smiling to him.Zayn layed beside us putting his right arm around my shoulders.''He is so quiet,not a care in the world.''Zayn whispered to me,looking proudly at his boy.My lips turned into a smile,once again.Zayn never failed to making me smile.He always made me smile.He had an effect,a power on me.Of course,what else from the power of love?

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