He is bad news,can't you see it?|Z.M

''My nana said that you are bad news Zayn.''
''Anastasia,can't you see how much I love you?Don't you feel that sparks when I kiss you?Don't you feel that goosebumps that I create on your skin only with my touch?''
''I feel all of it Zayn.''
''Then,Anastasia,you can feel my love.And I can feel yours,and no one is going to stop that,by putting thoughts in your mind.Not even your nana,Anastasia,not even her.''


4. ''Trust me,she is a nothing to me''

I woke up the next morning in someone's arms who we all know who he is.Of course Zayn,I would always recognize these arms with out even opening my eyes.I opened my eyes slowly and saw that he was spooning my small body.He was the big spoon as always,and i don't know how but I felt really safe like this,in his tattoed-muscular arms.I wanted to stay like this forever,I felt like I had the need to stay like this forever.And yes it may be soon but I realy felt in love.It hit me hard.I felt like I wanted to give my virginity to him.That means I am in love right?But so soon,I don't know how this happened.I never fell for anyone is the truth.He is my first love,he made me love him harsh,but I did.Zayn wiggled a bit,and held me tighter.I smiled,feeling his hot breath on my neck.A loud knock,interuppted everything.I frowned thinking that Zayn had to wake up and get up,making me leave his arms.I looked on the clock and it was 9 in the morning what could have possibly happened?The knock continued and it seemed like it was something important.I shook Zayn gently,knowing that he is not a morning person.He opened his beautiful light brown-hazel eyes and looked at me.His lips formed in a small smile.''Morning,beautiful.''He said in his deep morning voice.I blushed and smiled.''Morning,someone is knocking on the door.''I whispered.He shoot awake,not quickly but he did.''Well let's see who is,babe.''He said and got up walking towards the door,me laying on the couch,missing the warmth that his arms gave me.

Zayn POV*

I opened the door and saw her.That bitch.What the fuck is she doing here.''Gigi,what the actual fuck are you doing infront of my door?I think you got confused this is not the asshole's home.''I said looking at her with no emotion.''Oh come on babe,don't be like this.I cheated on you only,I didn't said something bad about you I swear.''She said and flipped her hair flirtarously.I rolled my eyes.''Gigi leave.Last chance that I give you before I slap you.''I said coldly.She opened her mouth to say something when I heard my angel's voice from inside the house,calling me.''Zayn,when are you going to come?''She asked sweetly.I smiled but Gigi looked,oh man she didn't look she WAS angry.''Who the fuck is this Zayn?''She whispered through her teeth.I wanted to laugh so hard.You should see her face.It was so red,like she was going to explode.''None of your bussiness.Look,we broke up 4 years ago,why the fuck are you here?You should know that I would move on.''I said,getting tired of her shit.Just then Anastasia came getting impatient.I don't blame her,I would too.I smiled down at her,since she was a lot shorter than me and wrapped my right arm around her small waist.She looked at Gigi confused.Man,I am think I am fucked up.''Whatever Zayn,''Gigi started and glared at Anastasia.I will kill her I swear.No one looks at my baby girl like this.''I swear she will get hurt,and I don't care if this is the last thing that I will do.''Gigi finished,looking the whole time at Anastasia,leting me know that she was reffering at her.Anastasia looked scared.Man,this Gigi slut is going to die I swear.''Gigi go the fuck away.''I said and this time,getting me by surprise she left.Thank the god.I closed the door and took Stasia in my arms.Dude,she was shaking.I sat on the couch with her still in my lap.''Baby don't be afraid,she is not going to do anything,I am here.''I whispered at her ear,rubbing her back to calm her down.''Who is she?''She asked her voice cracking.I looked at her beautiful hazel eyes and saw some tears making their way to fall.''No need to cry baby.''I said and wiped the tears from her soft and gorgeous face.''Trust me,she is a nothing to me.''I whispered once again,and smiled whe I felt her relaxing on my lap.My baby girl loves me.I need to get prepeared before Gigi does something.That means I need to make a good plan,so my baby is going to be protected.I need to call the gang.

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