He is bad news,can't you see it?|Z.M

''My nana said that you are bad news Zayn.''
''Anastasia,can't you see how much I love you?Don't you feel that sparks when I kiss you?Don't you feel that goosebumps that I create on your skin only with my touch?''
''I feel all of it Zayn.''
''Then,Anastasia,you can feel my love.And I can feel yours,and no one is going to stop that,by putting thoughts in your mind.Not even your nana,Anastasia,not even her.''


7. The trip for Germany&The devil's plan

Once we got comfortable I looked at the boys,but for a reason they scared me.They had tattoos like Zayn,maybe less than Zayn but they had that scary face,not emotion,nothing.I snuggled into Zayn's chest,afraid to look at them.Zayn noticed that I snuggled deep into his chest,and somehow I started also shaking.Was I that scared?''Love don't be scared of them,I swear they are going to protect you.''He whispered in my ear while rubbing my left arm.I nodded slowly and looked up to them,seeing them smiling,concerned.Say what?''Hello sweety,nice to meet you.I am Liam.''The guy with buzz haircut said.''I am Anastasia.''I said,smiling.''We know,Zayn can't shut it.He talks all the time about you.''The curly dude said.I blushed and looked at Zayn who was also blushing,slightly.''I am Harry.''The curly dude said and I nodded and the other 2 boys also telling me their names.Louis and Niall.Four hours passed in this van.We had 2 more to go.I am not going to lie,I was kind of tired.Zayn was tired,everyone were tired.Zayn had his arms around me,I was playing Jelly Crush and believe me it was hard to play on this phone,it's so big I really need to get used to it.Harry and Louis were talking about something that I don't get and Niall was sleeping on Liam.It was cute,you should see them.Zayn was slowly dozzing off with me in his arms.I could feel how his body was relaxing.I put low light on the phone so Zayn can sleep.Only 2 hours we have and we will be there.I closed the app on the phone and locked the screen of the phone and let it laying on my stomach,like Zayns huge hands were right now.I looked out of the window and saw the sun disappearing.It was beautiful,really beautiful.My eyes started closing too and before I knew it,I was in my dreamland.

Gigi POV*

''So what's the plan Miss Hadid?''Bren asked.''I don't know do what ever you want I just want that bitch to die.Zayn broke my heart,so his heart is going to break once he is going to see his lover dying.This is the revenge.''I said harshly.''Miss Hadid,our spys saw Zayn and that girl,leaving the house today for a unknown location.''Tyler said scared.He should be.''WHAT?!THEY LEFT AND YOU LET THEM?!YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING!''I burst,screaming.I am not going to pay them for months,I swear.''But-'' ''NO BUTS!GOD DAMNIT!SEARCH,DO SOMETHING,DO WHATEVER YOU CAN DO SO WE ARE GOING TO FIND THEM!''I screamed once again.''Ok Miss.Hadid.''The two of them said,throwing the pictures of Zayn and that girl on my desk,and leaving my office.I sighed from anger and walked around the room thinking,with the pictures of Zayn and that girl leaving his house,in my hands.I looked at the pictures,and instantly locked my eyes on the girl.She is a beauty,and a lot younger than me,and way more skinnier than me.That's why Zayn dumped me.''How sad of that beauty disappearing from the face of the earth.''I said chuckling,running a finger on the girl's face.I am going sure to kill that beauty.And also break Zayn's heart.This is the best revenge.What can I say?I am the devil.

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