He is bad news,can't you see it?|Z.M

''My nana said that you are bad news Zayn.''
''Anastasia,can't you see how much I love you?Don't you feel that sparks when I kiss you?Don't you feel that goosebumps that I create on your skin only with my touch?''
''I feel all of it Zayn.''
''Then,Anastasia,you can feel my love.And I can feel yours,and no one is going to stop that,by putting thoughts in your mind.Not even your nana,Anastasia,not even her.''


9. ''Our miracle''


We are still in Germany for our own good.Recently we learned that the woman is searching us,and mostly me.The things are getting really serious.When I am stressed Zayn always is making love to me and trust me,it feels amazing.We have to make love a week,and that's because I am not feeling well since our last love making.Zayn is really worried about this and I am not gonna lie I am too.What if something bad is going on with my health?I keep throwing up,being dizzy and also fainted for three times,and a weird craving;pickles with ice-cream and sushi.Isn't this a reason to be afraid?Zayn went to call the gang doctor,while I am in the living room with Liam.I was worrying sick.I don't want to happen something bad to my health.I let some tears fall and Liam noticed and came quickly by my side.He wiped my tears with his thumb.''No need to cry beautiful,everything is gonna be just fine.''He said calming me.Zayn came back.''The doctor said that he is going to be here in a matter of minutes.''He came and hugged me by the waist.''Don't be afraid,babe.''He whispered and kissed my forehead.After 15 minutes a guy older than 50 but with a few tattoos,came in.''So what seems like a problem Malik?''He asked.''Well Dr,my girlfriend has been vomiting,has fainted and kept feeling dizzy and having some really weird craving.''Zayn explained,and the guy looked shocked.Om my God,I am going to die.''How old are you love?''The doctor asked me.''17.''I answered and he asked us once again''Have you been sexualy activated?''Me and Zayn looked at each other with wide eyes.''Many times.''Zayn answered truthfully.''And how long do you have that symptoms sweety?''He asked me.''A week.''I answered back.''Well,take this.''He said and gave me a box.I looked at the pink box and saw what it was;a pregnancy test.WHAT?!''Go baby.''Zayn resured me.I nodded and went to the bathroom.After the progress of 7 minutes,I looked at the test.A plus sign was there.Tears fall from my eyes,and I started sliding down to the floor.My sobs could heared from miles away.Zayn came quickly in,and looked down at me.He came and took me in his arms,seeing also and the test.''Shh baby,everything is going to be alright.''He whispered.''Zayn we are so young,I am really young and also you are in a gang and we have a crazy bitch looking for us,this is not the right time.''I chocked out.''I know this is not the best time,but Stasia,there is baby inside you because of me,and I am not going to be an asshole who is not going to be responsible about his family.This is our miracle,love.''He finished and I looked up to him and kissed his lips.''I love you Zayn.''I said.''I love you too baby,and this beautiful baby in your tummy.''He said,making my heart flutter.

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