He is bad news,can't you see it?|Z.M

''My nana said that you are bad news Zayn.''
''Anastasia,can't you see how much I love you?Don't you feel that sparks when I kiss you?Don't you feel that goosebumps that I create on your skin only with my touch?''
''I feel all of it Zayn.''
''Then,Anastasia,you can feel my love.And I can feel yours,and no one is going to stop that,by putting thoughts in your mind.Not even your nana,Anastasia,not even her.''


12. ''He is beautiful,like his father.''


Thank the god these 8 months that past by,that the bitch is not here around to hurt anymore.We are so sure that one day and mostly these months she is going to do something so Simon is pulling a plan.Honestly I am starting to get tired of their plans;they always fail at the end.How powerful can that bitch be?I am nine months and later or sooner giving birth,so everyone is extra protective around me.We don't know what the gender is and we really wanted to,but these months I stayed home,with everyone,messing with me.Right now I am with Harry,laying on the couch,since the only thing that I want is to be comfortable.This morning I woke up with stomach cramps.My baby is really unhappy.He or She are really grumpy and they move all the day in my belly.Zayn is upstairs taking a shower,while Niall is eating,Liam is out of the house and Louis...well Louis is just taking a nice nap since it's 10 at night.''So what do you think it is?The baby I mean.''Harry asked.''I don't know,but whatever it is today is really grumpy.''I said rubbing my aching tummy.Harry looked at me with worried eyes.''What do you mean,love?''He asked getting closser to me,feeling my belly with his large hand.Then he looked at me with wide eyes.''Love,your stomach tightened,that means that you have constractions.''He said softly.Now it was my turn to wide my eyes.''WHAT?!''I whispered-shouted at him.''Let me call everyone downstairs,sweety,just wait a bit.''He said and dissapeared.This is no good.I am going to give birth and most possible in the house.Oh my godness.In a matter of seconds,a worried and shocked Zayn came downstairs with a sleepy Louis,a worried Liam and also shocked Niall,but Harry making all the difference,he was ready to faint.Zayn came by my side and took my hand in his.''Baby,how do you feel?''He asked and in that moment a powerful kick landed on my blader,making me scream loud.''Oh no.''I heard a fully awake now Louis mutter.''Ok love,I am here.Unfortunately,you have to give birth here.Don't be afraid love.Boys,I need towels,2 sheets,some pillows,scissors and aid kit.''He said making my stomach dropp.Zayn is going to deliver our child.All of them came down after minutes of searching the things.Louis put 3 pillows on my back and head,Harry covered my legs with a sheet so Zayn can take my leggings and panties off also putting and the second sheet under me and Liam and Niall left the other things that we need on the coffee table.Now I am scared,as I realized what is happening.Just then I heard a pop and felt wetness under me.''Babe your water broke.''Zayn said camly.I let out a scream as I felt my baby moving really close to my vagina.The other boys were shocked and also Zayn,but not as much as them,since he should be calm for me.''Liam,can you please pour some water in the small tub?''Zayn asked Liam.He nodded and left the room,while I was feeling like my insides were being ripped.I screamed louder this time.Zayn looked under the sheet and then back at me.''Babe,I can see the head.I think you need to start pushing.''Louis and Niall came by my sides and held my hands.Zayn nodded at me and I started pushing with all of my strength.''You are doing an amazing job love.''Niall said to me and I managed to smile a bit.''Come on baby,push!''Zayn exclaimed.Liam came back down and held Harry,so he is not going to collasp on the floor.I pushed again harder.''Once again,love,for the legs!''Zayn said.By now 10 minutes past,me being sweaty and tired and pushing with all of my might.I pushed once again,and heard a cry.My baby's cry.I relaxed back.''Well done baby,we have a son.''Zayn said with tears of emotion running down his face.I smiled,as Zayn cut the cord,and landed carefully on my chest our covered of blood son.Then I felt my own tears running.''Hey honey.''I whispered to our son.''He is amazing,he is breathtaking.''Zayn whispered.''He is beautiful,like his father.''I said and Zayn leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss.''You did a wonderfull job,love.''He said caressing my cheek.''Same to you.''I said.''Guys,we need to clean and dress your son.Zayn helping me?''Louis said.Zayn nodded and took our baby carefully.I smiled and relaxed back,as Harry came and wiped my still face full of sweat with a wet towel.''Well done,sweetheart.''He said softly.''Thank you Harry.''I said my voice cracking a bit,cause of my dry throat.''Do you need some water Stasia?''Niall asked and I nodded.He came back and I drank the water faster than I expected.''Thanks Niall.''I said.''It's fine,love.''He said back.After of 15 minutes Zayn came back with our cleaned and beautifull son now,dressed in a nappie and an blue onesie.Thank the god while I was pregnant we bought everything we needed for our baby,and once again let's be thankfull cause we bought everything blue,green,yellow and orange.Our baby wouldn't be so happy if we had everything in pink and purple.Zayn came and layed by my side while the other boys went out of the room,leaving our small family alone.''He looks like you babe.''I whispered at Zayn,so our son won't wake up.''I know it's amazing.But let's wish that he is going to have your amazing character.Kindfull,sweet and lovely.''He whispered back,making me blush,and kiss him lightly on the lips.''How are we going to name him?''I asked,softly.''How about Kaiden?Kaiden Noah Malik?Do you like that?''Zayn asked,keeping his voice low.''I love it.''I said and kissed our son's cheek.Zayn gave Kaiden's tiny body carefully on my lap,and in that moment Kaiden opened his wonderfull,full of beauty eyes.''He has your eyes Zayn.''I said and Zayn looked at his first son,smiling.''Hey buddy.''Zayn whispered at Kaiden who was looking at his father.I was looking at both of them with awe,loving the view of my son and my lovely boyfriend.Loving the view of my small family,of our family.

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