WARNING: This story does contain explicit content. Its pretty smutty and there's a lot of cuss words. I suggest if you can't handle that kinda of stuff then don't read. -\(._.)/-

Yorrick, obsessed with vampires FINALLY gets to meet one. It's always been his dream to meet a vampire. He didnt think he would ever get this chance given the fact that he lives in a town full of vampires. Yorrick's dream meeting of a vampire goes ALOT different then what he expected. Will he simply befriend this vampire even though he knows he could get in a lot of trouble for it? Will this vampire even accept his friendship knowing the risk?


8. Ch 8

So I think me and Alec got WAY closer. We walked all the way to my house our pinkys intertwined with eachother. We didnt say anything but I COULD FEEL IT. There was definitely some chemistry between us. I couldn't help but to smile and of course blush. 
"Yknow you didn't have to walk me home." I said bashfully.
"I w-wanted to." Alex stuttered. His face was so red. Yknow like the kinda red when you get left in the sun too long. Like lobsterrrrr red. Who knew such a pale, cold creature, could have so much color. I kinda liked making Alec blush though. He does it so easily like it's his job.
"Thanks." This totally wouldve been like a perfect moment to kiss his cheek. i wouldve done it but I was kinda scared i might end up sucking his freaking face off. i just want to do SO MANY things to him. I'm surprised I'm even able to control myself now. It was kind of awkward when we got to my door. We were just standing there in silence. I stared into his fierce eyes. He looked into mine for like a quick second and then down at floor. He was just one damn beautiful creature. He started to get all flustered. He played with his fingers nervously. 
"Y-yorri...invite me in." Alec said. OH YEAH. Lord I was just going to stand here like a dumbass not even thinking to ask him to come in. That probably would kill the awkwardness.
"You can't stay long cuz my parents will be I here soon." I said pulling  him into my room. If only my parents liked vampires as much as I did. Alec nodded as we sat on the bed. It was silent again. I stared at his tainted face. He was soooo nervous. I was pretty nervous too like my hands were shakey as fuck. Ive never been in this situation before. IVE NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE. Like what the hell do I do? My mind kept wanting to go back to earlier when I was thinking those...those dirty things. We were now alone in the room and everything too. Like at any moment I wanted to attack his lips...or maybe just his whole face or or maybe....his neck....or chest...or.....FUCK I have to stop thinking these things. Ill definitely get a boner if I dont stop.  I was so concentrated on trying to shut my mind up that I didn't notice Alec's hand on my thigh. AND THEN he started rubbing and i noticed. I definitely noticed. I blushed hard. "Al..." I whined. He was trying to make me horny. Actually HE WAS making me horny. He moved his hand quickly. "Sorry." Shit I didn't want him to stop. I took his hand and started kissing it. He blushed and tried to hide his smile. Ugh i swear if he didnt stop being so attractive. i stared at his lips. I wondered what those cold things would feel like up against mine. I gently placed my hand under his chin and turned his head so he was fully facing me. He looked at me a bit uneasy. 
"Can i?" I figure I'd ask first so it would be less surprising. This might avoid getting the shit slapped out of too. Alec didnt say anything. His face was all red. He looked like a scrumptious little apple. Finally after awhile he said yes. HE SAID YES. My insides pretty much exploded like you don't understand how much I just wanted to scream. I moved my head closer to Alec's. The closer and closer I got to his face, the harder and faster my heart pumped. This was actually happening. Holy shit this was actually happening. So I really really thought this was going smoothly. I mean we were seriously about to kiss. I felt his cold, soothing breath on my lips, that's how close we were. Just when i was about to smash my lips into his I heard this shrill, high pitched voice call my name. That horrific bird call could only be coming from one person. MY MOTHER. 
I literally thought I was going to pass out. Alec looked just about as frightened as I did.
"What the hell was that?" He questioned. 
"THAT was my mother." I started. I heard her coming up the stairs. "You have to hide or something!" 
Goodness I can only image what'll happen if she saw Alec. She'd probably scream her ass off and kill both of us. She was already so close.
"She doesn't know who I am." That was a good point. But then I thought about his appearance...his burning red eyes...his flawless pale skin...his dark long hair. Only a vampire looks that way! It's a shame I never thought about it when I first saw him but I know for sure my mom will.
"Your eyes." I whispered. "humans don't have red eyes." I was starting to panic. I'm not ready to dieeee.
"YORRICKKKK." We ran out of time. My mom was in the room. GAME FUCKING OVER. 
I think i was having a panic attack. Like I couldn't breathe for shit. 
"Yorrick!" My mom shrieked. Lord I couldn't stand the sound of that women's voice. She was staring angrily at me. i couldnt stand it when people stared me. I REALLY couldnt stand it when my mother stared at me. My eyes dropped downward. I felt the tears seeping out through my eyes. Yknow me and Alec really just got close and now it was all about to go down the drain.
"Are you crying?" She was about to reach over to my face. I seriously thought she was gonna hit me so I tried to draw back fast. "Yorri!" She looked upset. Not upset in an angry way but like in that sad sympathetic kinda way. "Yorri dear I was just gonna tell you to stop leaving the front door unlocked. Don't cry honey." I'm guessing she didn't see Alec yet. I loooked over at Alec. He had his bangs covering his eyes.   What a freaking genius. Maybe...maybe we had a chance then! Maybe this wasn't over! My mom finally noticed Alec.
She stared at him puzzled for a bit. "W-well helloooo."
Alec looked like he was afraid to talk. Psh, I would. That woman is nuts. "Hi." he said.
"You should've told me you were having friends Yorri so I'd have enough for dinner."
Oh my lord I'm guessing Alecs bang thing worked. TOTALLY SAVED. "sorry mom." I mumbled.
"that's alright honey....I guess I'll have to go to the store. You need anything?"I shook my head no.
"ok dear." She left out of the room. I sighed heavily, relieved. I seriously thought it was about to be all over. "Holy shieeeet."
Alecs gorgeous eyes stared at me. My cheeks burned red. ""waaaahhhhttt...?" He knows I hated that. He looked at me curiously. "Are you afraid of your mother?". Lordy why did he have to ask me that? I've never talked about that with anyone. Not even Rory. It's something I reaaaallllyy didn't like to talk about. I mean it wasnt that I was scared of my mom. We just didn't have the besssstttt relationship. I mean when I say that woman is crazy....that woman IS CRAZY.
"Youshouldstayover." I blurted trying to change the subject. he just nodded and then he went over to his school bag. He pulled out this little case that were circular shaped on both ends. It was a contact lens case. CONTACT LENSES. What the actual fuck. "I should really slap you." 
" I just remembered." All along he had those damn things. He probably could've popped them in before my mom came in the room.

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