WARNING: This story does contain explicit content. Its pretty smutty and there's a lot of cuss words. I suggest if you can't handle that kinda of stuff then don't read. -\(._.)/-

Yorrick, obsessed with vampires FINALLY gets to meet one. It's always been his dream to meet a vampire. He didnt think he would ever get this chance given the fact that he lives in a town full of vampires. Yorrick's dream meeting of a vampire goes ALOT different then what he expected. Will he simply befriend this vampire even though he knows he could get in a lot of trouble for it? Will this vampire even accept his friendship knowing the risk?


7. Ch 7

I started to tremble nervously. How long had he fucking been there? I really hope...I REALLY HOPE HE DIDNT SEE ME. Oh my lord. I would just die. "A-Alec...ALEC?" I was so shocked. I whipped away from him so fast. "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME." I was still a little horny. Actually scratch that. I was still FULLY horny and was getting ready to harden again. "Go away please." I begged. I don't even know why I was telling him that. Deep down I wanted him to be here. I needed him here...
"Can you forgive me Yorrick?" He gave me that weird stupid seductive look. I wonder if he even realizes he makes that face. It just made my state like a lot worse. That boner was definitely making a comeback. Shit this would be the second time this has happened in front of him. "Al..." I covered my pelvic area. I definitely did not want him seeing me like this. I did not need another bitch slap. 
"Are you feeling ok? Your face is red." He moved back close to me and placed his hand on my forehead. I grunted a little bit. I bit my lip trying to block him out. I didn't want to do anything I regretted again.
"Stop iiiit!" I cried.
"I said I was sorry Yorrick." His hand slid to my cheek. Pft I honestly did not want to hear his apologies. He shouldn't have slapped me and he shouldn't have just ignored me for a whole week. He's gonna have to do a lot more than apologize. "Alec! Listen to me!" I moved his hand away. He stared at me. I SWEAR I'm gonna start poking peoples eyes out when they look at me like that. "I'm not leaving you." He said. He then went in for a nice hard hug. We practically fell to the ground it was so hard. "I'm sorry Yorrick. Please forgi..." He pulled slightly up so he could look at my face. He was shocked about something. I could only guess it was my boner cuz his face was all red and stuff. Great. I was expecting the worst at this moment but actually it was quite different I mean I wouldn't have expected this at all. So we were just laying there for awhile and then BAM there's it was. I felt this lump on my leg. This time it wasn't from me. Immediately my face flushed red. I gasped "ALEC." He pulled up off of me. He turned his body away from me so I couldn't see his face. Did this mean...WAS ALEC ATTRACTED TO ME? So maybe I wasn't some weird perverted freak to him. I sat up. "It's ok Al...don't be embarrassed." I watched him pull at the grass all flustered.
"I didn't mean to slap you Yorrick. I didn't know how to react when you did that ."
Gahh why was he acting like was kinda..kinda cute. 
"If I did it again would you slap me?" Whoa what the hell was I saying? I guess there was no denying it at this point. I'm obviously attracted to Alec. It was probably obvious to him now too. Every time i get around him now my dick wants to say hey. He turned around and looked at me like what I said was shocking. He wanted me to say that. Pft I see right through his setup. "Cut it out." He said. Ooo he was totally getting all nervous and what not. I rubbed his arm gently. "Kidding." I said.
"That's...that's not funny!" He closed his eyes to keep from looking at me. I continued rubbing his arm, He was getting more and more flustered by the minute. I stared at him fidgeting around. He didnt know what to do. I was kinda having a little fun messing around with him like this. I think a little TOO MUCH fun cuz the next thing I know I was kissing all over his hand.
"Yor..Yorri-!" He was starting to panic. I started to panic too cuz I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I had his finger all inside of mouth. I blinked hard when I realized what I was doing. "OH MY GOIDNESS ALEC I AM SO SORRY." I threw his hand away from me and I started to crawl back away from him. Damn I was acting like such a perv today. Alec looked at me horrified. I had to come up with some shit fast. "Y-YOUR FINGERS REMIND ME OF POPCICLES OK." The hell kinda escuse is that? i couldve thought of something way better. My eyes immediatley dropped to the ground. I couldn't even look at him anymore. I pretty much just sexually harassed him and a few minutes before that touched myself while thinking about him! There was like a long curtain of shame hang all around me right now. 
It was silent for so long. I had my face burried in my knees, getting ready to pour my freakin eyes out. I wasn't trying to act this way, I really wasn't. "Yorrick." I heard Alec smooth soft voice. I didn't say anything. I was too embarrassed to talk at this point. That's when I felt Alec grab my hand. It scared me a little bit cuz I didn't even realize he was that close. I looked up stunned. He took my hand and began to kiss it just like I did to his. Ohhhhhh lord. Oh lord. Oh lord. My heart started to pump harder. My cheeks started to burn. This boy was about to make me horny again. Slowly he started to stick his finger in my mouth. He sucked. AND THEN he looked up at me with that seductive look and everything. Ok now the worst thing you can ever do is make eye contact with someone while shoving something in your mouth. "Oh fuck..." This was turning me on so much. He stuck my finger in and out of his mouth. 
"So warm." He said as he took my finger out his mouth. Shit I had no words. Downstairs was doing the most talking. Immediately i went to cover my pelvic area. "Alec! I told you not to touch meeee!" I whined. He didnt say anything. He took my hand and moved it away from pelvic area. He then placed...PLACED...placed HIS hands on MY hardness. I nearly had a heart attack. My heart felt like it had just burst in my chest. "W-what the hell are you doing?!" I kinda wanted to slap him but then I kinda didnt cuz I kinda like it. He moved his hand to my thigh and then up to my hips and up my shirt. I was seriously getting chills all over. It's like someone took a piece of ice and was just guiding it on my skin. "ALEC?!" SERIOSLY what the hell was he doing? He removed his hand from my shirt and then he hugged me again. "Now we're even." He said. EVEN? I don't recall the last time I ever groped him. Man this guy really was a charmer. 
"What is up with you? I kiss you and you nearly smack me into hell and then you turn around and feel me up with no shame." 
He stopped hugging me and crossed his arms. His cheeks were tinted pink. I think a hit a nerve or something cuz tears came bubbling in his eyes. He was kinda starting to act like a woman on her period or something. So emotionally unpredictable. He turned his face away from me before I could see his tears fall.
"I said I was sorry damnit!"
"Hey hey..." I didn't mean to make him cry. I'm he was confusing me so much. I didn't know if he was attracted to me or scared of me or something. I softly put my hand on his shoulder. "Don't cry please." I remember how hot his tears.were.
"Just tell me what's going on." I said.
He sniffled. "I don't have an answer for you Yorrick...I just." I watched him grab roughly into his hair. I can tell that whatever was on his mind was really frustrating him. He was confused. "I.." He hesitated. "I just want to touch you and I don't know why. I shouldn't be feeling this way...I hate it, I'm embarrassed." He covered his face blushing.
NO FREAKIN WAY. That was exactly how I felt. Well I don't know if I really hated that I wanted to touch him. "Alec." His eyes watched me between his fingers. I crawled closer to him. "Touch me all you want."

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