WARNING: This story does contain explicit content. Its pretty smutty and there's a lot of cuss words. I suggest if you can't handle that kinda of stuff then don't read. -\(._.)/-

Yorrick, obsessed with vampires FINALLY gets to meet one. It's always been his dream to meet a vampire. He didnt think he would ever get this chance given the fact that he lives in a town full of vampires. Yorrick's dream meeting of a vampire goes ALOT different then what he expected. Will he simply befriend this vampire even though he knows he could get in a lot of trouble for it? Will this vampire even accept his friendship knowing the risk?


3. Ch 3

So Alec ended up transferring into my class...I COULD NOT STOP STARING AT HIS FACE. Like you couldn't have paid me a million bucks to stop staring. I wasn't the only one though. As a matter of fact, EVERYONE was staring. I felt a little bad cuz I could tell it was making Alec uncomfortable. The teacher couldn't even stop looking at him. I mean I was staring because he was just damn beautiful. But everyone else...they were staring because well, he's a vampire. 
"uhm.." the teacher said. His ass couldn't even teach because he was just as scared as everyone else was about Alec. These people. When will they ever learn? If he was the so called evil vampire that everyone thought he was, wouldn't he be eating at your flesh right now? 
I sighed irritated. I turned to Rory. He was staring anxiously at Alec like everyone else. "Don't tell me your scared of him too."
Rory looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you not? He's know!" he grinded his teeth. "Those things are so disgusting.."
Rory was my best friend and all...but right now I just wanted to slap the shit out of him. I looked over at Alec who had his head burried in his arms. people were throwing paper balls at him and poking him with their pencils as if he were some stupid animal. Alec was just taking it too. Poor guy... I would've done something but...I'd probably get my ass beat for taking sides with a vampire. 
I looked back at Rory. "Now come on dude...seeing that would you really say      he's scary?"
"Are you actually standing up for that thing?" Rory looked at me suspiciously. Shit. Maybe I oughta shut up. I bet Rory would hate me if he found out I'm actually friends with Alec. 
" just don't see what there is to be scared of yknow...he's not gonna hurt us. There's no need to be all terrified and whatnot...just go about your day.." 
Rory stared at me for a bit, then he looked at Alec, then back at me. "I guess you're right." SAVED. TOTALLY SAVED. "So loosen up buddy." I smiled and patted his back. He smiled back. Whew. No longer suspicious. I really didn't see what the big deal was though. A vampire hasn't attacked anyone in ages. Why are people still afraid? I looked back over at Alec. He looked so damn upset. Ooh I just felt so bad. Finally he got up and stormed out of the room. I really REALLY wanted to go chase after him. Like it was hurting me not to. I felt soooooo bad, like soooooo bad, you just don't know. I figured I could act like I had to use the bathroom, but I'd wait like ten minutes so it wouldn't be suspicious.
I stared at the clock hoping time would go by a little faster. My hand shot up to the air so unbelievably fast when ten minutes was up. The teacher looked at me annoyed. "yessss?" he said.
"caaaan I go to the bathroom?" please say yes, please say yes, PLEASE SAY YES. He looked at the clock. He rolled his eyes "Go ahead." 
I jetted out of that classroom so fast, like a gazelle being chased by a lion.
When I got out into the hallway, I was stuck. I kinda didn't really know where he was. I figured the bathroom since depressed kids always go in there. I hurried over to the boys bathroom.
"Aleeeeec!" I whispered...well I don't know if I would call it a whisper because it was kind of loud. I didn't hear an answer back. "Aleeeeeeeeec!!!"   This time I said it loud. I still didn't get an answer back. Man dont tell me he wasn't in here. I decided to go check the stalls. I walked across the bathroom pushing each door open. When I got to the last one it was locked. BINGO. I looked under the door and saw Alec's leather boots. See I knew he would be in the bathroom. Aren't I just the genius?
So I crawled underneath the stall door like a weirdo. I think that could've been one of the MOST creepiest, AND unsanitary things I've done all year. 
"Heeeeey." I whispered, standing up. Alec didn't answer. He had his face buried in his hands. I think he might've been crying!
"Alec?" i stared at him for a bit. I shyly pulled his hands from his face. Ooo man that chill. I don't think I'd ever get over how cold he is. His face was the tiniest bit tainted, and tears were streaming down his cheeks. Ok, so I'm not gonna lie, This guy even looked beautiful when he cried. He's seriously one gorgeous creature. I tried so hard not to stare at that perfectly molded face. "D-don't c-cry Alec." Shit, this boy was making me stutter. He jerked his hands from me and covered his face again. "Leave me alone." he whined. I pulled back his hands again.
"Just stop it." I looked directly into his eyes. Boy did I regret doing that. His eyes were so damn intense I felt like he was devouring my soul. His tears started to flow heavier. They ran down his face sparkling. "Stop." i repeated. I took my finger and wiped under his eyes. The moment I touched his tears, I jerked my hand back soooo fast. His tears were hot. I mean HOT. Like my bath water hot or, or even fresh tea kinda hot. I looked at his face shocked. I can only imagine how much they were burning him. "Please stop." 
So I don't really know why but I hugged him, And I'm not talking about one of those cheap, dirty, little ,phony hugs. I gave him a nice, long, hard one. I mean I embraced him he was the love of my life. I DIDNT FEEL THAT WAY or anything cuz...cuzzzzz that would be pretty damn weeeeird. I just yknow...was just trying to be friendly. I really just wanted him to feel better because, well I felt really bad for him. It really isn't fair he gets treated so badly. 
"Hey Al. It will be alright ok." I was trying my hardest to console him. He hugged me back just as hard as I was hugging him. My face was starting to feel hot. My heart pounded harder and harder as I felt the pressure of his chest get harder on mine. I started to get a little uhm...EXCITED. I think this hug could've been lasting way TOO long and been a little TOO tight. His body against mine gave me chills. I could feel his coldness through his clothes. The longer this hug went on, the more excited I got....Now WHY THE FUCK was I feeling like this? He's a vampire...and a guy one at that! And and...I'm a guy this is really weird...
FINALLY after what seemed like forever, I pulled away from Alec. I felt so embarrassed, and I think he did too because we couldn't even look at each other. After a long moment of awkward silence I finally decided to go back to class. "Hey I have to go back to class..." i played with my fingers nervously. He just nodded. 
"Call me k?" oh lord, I can't believe I really just said that. He looked up at me all weird. My cheeks flushed and my eyes dropped to the floor. "Byee." before he could even get a chance to say bye, I darted out of the bathroom.

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