WARNING: This story does contain explicit content. Its pretty smutty and there's a lot of cuss words. I suggest if you can't handle that kinda of stuff then don't read. -\(._.)/-

Yorrick, obsessed with vampires FINALLY gets to meet one. It's always been his dream to meet a vampire. He didnt think he would ever get this chance given the fact that he lives in a town full of vampires. Yorrick's dream meeting of a vampire goes ALOT different then what he expected. Will he simply befriend this vampire even though he knows he could get in a lot of trouble for it? Will this vampire even accept his friendship knowing the risk?


2. Ch 2


My parents would kill me so hard if they knew I was hanging around Alec. I think this whole town would kill me. Lucky for me the Forrest area is kind of isolated so, I'm not gonna be getting caught anytime soon I don't think. 
Today was Saturday. Me and Alec were gonna hang out. I was actually pretty surprised he even considered it. We were going to hang out at the old pond since no one goes there. 
When I got there, Alec was already there. He was standing by the edge of the pond, looking into the water. I don't think he heard me coming cuz he didn't move. I wonder what he was thinking about. Probably about sucking all the blood out of me. 
"Guuuueesss whooo." I said. I came from behind him and covered his eyes with my hands. Man this dude was cold all over, even his face. It was like touching ice.
"Get your dirty hands off me, Yorrick." he said. Well he's no fun at all. I removed my hands.

"Youre such a grump."
He gave me a cold stare. It made my skin crawl. I dropped my eyes to the ground. He's soooo scary! Would it kill him to at least smile? 
"I'm sorry." I heard him say. I looked back at him. He was still staring at me, but his face was softer now." Hey look." I started. I took his hand and sat down, pulling him with me. "You can trust me, I'm not like the others. I promise you." I figured he didn't trust me so that's why he had such the nasty little attitude. He just nodded. His face flushed a bit. I didn't know vampires could get red. "Hey you're blushing!" I teased. I poked into his cheek. Damn. His skin was sooo soft. Sooo smooth. It was almost like silk. "You still have my hand."
I looked down slowly. Oh lord. I did. WHY DID I HAVE HIS HAND? Panicking I quickly threw it away from me. I turned away totally embarrassed. "Shit, I'm sorry!" im such a creeper for that. He didnt say anything. Such an awkward silence. I turned back to him. He was flustered, and was picking at the ground. Now I made him feel uncomfortable. Great. "uhmm...hey, how would your parents react if they knew you were with me?"
He stopped picking at the ground and looked at me. His face was stern. "Beat me senseless."
I laughed. His parents too. My parents would beat the living daylights out of me.  "yeah the same with mine heh why'd you guys There's like nothing but humans..."
"needed a change of scenery..and back where we live is kinda going into ruins. It's being taken over by dark elves and all that..and we didn't expect there'd be so many humans..." 
Dark elves?..I sure hope none of those come over here. "Oh I see."
Alec went to picking at the ground again. I stared at him. Why was he soo damn good looking? Why can't us humans be that good looking? I mean if I had a face like his, I'd be staring in the mirror all day long.  "Stop staring at me."
Oh shit. Being creepy again. "Sorry but it's just.." I got all finicky. "youre preeeetttttyy." 
He buried his face in his knees. "Shut your mouth." 
"Really though, I'm serious." I poked his arm. Oh, that chill again. I was kinda starting to like the way that felt. I know that sounds weird but...well yeah. I never thought skin could be so cold.
Not really thinking about what I was doing, I slowly rubbed Alec's arm. I was just so fascinated with this guy. He's a vampire! An actuaaaaalll vampire!!! I never thought I'd come across the day where I get to be friends with one.
"Yorrick!" Alec looked at me like I'd done something wrong. "huh?" I said. He looked at my hand on his arm. I looked at it too. i finally realized what I was doing. I didn't stop. Why I didn't, I really don't know. I guess you can say, I'm kind of already developing an obsession with this guy. YES I realize how creepy it sounds, and how creepy it makes me but....kinda can't help it. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cheek. So cold. The whole time he was looking at me like I was a freak. He didn't doooo anything though, so it's not like it wasn't ok...Or maybe he was just so damn surprised by it, he didn't know what to do. He probably thinks I'm so weird. 

"What are you doing...?" he asked.
I felt my face getting hot. I didn't even know what I was doing. I threw his hand away again and looked away. "I'm sorry. I've always had this thing about vampires..and your the first I've ever met."
"You're the first human who's actually ever been this kind to're actually the first human I've ever seen to take interest in vampires."
"I'm pretty weird huh?"
It was silent. I bet he thought I was. 
"Yeah you are." he said. SEE I JUST KNEW IT. I was hoping he would say no though. I sighed disappointed. Out of no where I felt a coldness running up my hands to my arm. I looked down pretty surprise to see it was Alec's fingers. They were so long and skinny.
"I'm only kidding." He poked my neck. I practically froze like a deer caught in the head lights. I didn't say anything. This guy actually made a joke. So he's actually loosening up to me! He likes meeeeee!!!
I smiled hard at Alec. He rubbed my arm again. I wonder how it felt to him, to touch me. "how does it feel?"i asked.
 "Warm. Really warm...almost hot." he looked at me seducingly. It made me blush immediately. Why'd he have to look  like that? Like damn. He's making me ATTRACTED to him...and I'm a guy.
I stared at his pale face. Oh...I wonder would it would be like to be bitten from a vampire. I wonder if it hurts..or feels the exact opposite. Those piercing sharp fangs sinking into my flesh...blood spurting out of the wound. Sounds pretty gross, but you know me being a freak, I'd like to try it. 
I dug my fingers into the soil trying to resist my craving. Man oh man, how I wanted that bite. He touched my arm once again. I HAD SO MANY BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH. Bite me. Bite me. Just bite me...
"Bite me." I blurted. Oh lord, why did I have to be so stupid?! I had a major creeper status going on. Kill me now. I can't believe I actually just said that. What. The. Hell.
"what?" he said. OH THANKYOU, he didn't hear. How embarrassing that would've been if he did. I covered my face trying to hide my stupid smile. "Nothing."
He poked my neck. "Do tell." 
No way in hell I was going to. " noooo."
He rolled his eyes. I laughed and stuck my tounge out at him. Yknow even though I just met this kid like yesterday, I already felt so comfortable around him. Feels like weve always know each other forever. I already felt so attached...i wonder if he felt that way too. Guess maybe im not that afraid of vampires.

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