life on its own

I walked in to the class room everyone looked at me I noticed only one person she said nothing but I wanted to know more.

~~based on true events

//Copyright 2016

(All Names Changed For Privacy reasons)


2. welcome

     One day y mom woke me up "Vanesa come get breakfast" she called my mom had made me neutella just like every morng ecept today was not going to be "Normal" as my mom called it today she told me that well we are moving... I did not want to move it was the midle of my grade six year in elimentry school or as in the us wold call it midle school. it was about 9:30 when it was about to be resses and I was going to tell all my amazing and nice friends that I was going to move I was very upset. my best friends harmony and Dylan wher very upset to but I'm not sure if Dylan under stod what was hapaning he was diabled and in a welchair.


  it had been about 2 days and it was my first day at the new school I was very nervuse as you could imagen. It was a new place having anxiety just makes everything worse, I didn't do well with new places the principal mrs.mary showd me to the class I walked in the teacher Mrs.jarvis said "ok class our new student is here her name is vanesa" I dont like to be the center of atenton when I'm in a new place so this was very nerve racking. everyone turend and looked at me I only noticed one person she said nothing but I wanted to know more about her





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