life on its own

I walked in to the class room everyone looked at me I noticed only one person she said nothing but I wanted to know more.

~~based on true events

//Copyright 2016

(All Names Changed For Privacy reasons)


4. new people

it was day 2 i cant remember the date but i remember the day it was warm it was close to summer so i didint have much time to make friends so i wanted to make a lot of friends i meet 4 people all ready Thalia, Clair A, Clair F, and Vanesa she was a girl with the excact same name as me. little did i know that we wold become enimes but well get to that. me and vanesa hung out a lot and we made a packt that we wold always be friends. me and Thalia,Clair,Clair,and another girl her name was Monoca we all wher hanging out. we playd many games like "never have i ever" "wold u rather" and many more games.


it was now time for math but than i learnd that they wher doing things that i learnd at the biging of the year at my old school. I did very well in this class because i had already learnd this i found out that thery had learnd what i didnt at the beging of the year so I didnt get the full well theaching. any ways it was soo wierd to have to learn everyones names i tried to meet everyone and i eventualy did me and Thalia hung out much more after a wile. Clair a. was a really good friend with Thalia so i got used to her too. i wanted to hang out after school with Thalia so we went to her hose her mom was polish so i didnt under stand her but my mom had to pick me up so i had to call her and she said to come home.... To be contintinued

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