life on its own

I walked in to the class room everyone looked at me I noticed only one person she said nothing but I wanted to know more.

~~based on true events

//Copyright 2016

(All Names Changed For Privacy reasons)


3. Her

 ​The teacher had just asked me a queston but I wasent lisoning I lokd up she asked the studants who wanted to sit besie me she put her hand up with everyone else the teacher let me chose I sai "i want to sit beside tose two..."alright" she said...


it was juring French class my French teacher Mem.fon she knew a lot about me just by looking at what I had written in my French book she noticed that I knew a lot of French. during that period I found out her name the girl that said nothing her name was "Thalia" the teacher calld she anserd "il est tres beau" which ment it is nice out side I was surprised to find out that she spoke French so well.


  it was resses when I was tramped by all of the students that wanted to know more about me I didn't want to say anything than Thalia came over I was surprised to hear her say hi I was confused to learn that she wasent shy she was just quiet but than a kid named ben came over and he was short shorter than me I thot he was in grade 4 but ternd out to be in grade 6 just like me I was happy to see who was in what grade I was surprised that thare was an equel amount of grade 6 as grade 5 it ternd out I was in a split class it ternd out that Thalia was in grade 5 she was taller than me but I gusse it just made my day much more interesting.








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