My one and only

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I'm a girl who met Ashton Irwin at a skating rink with friends I thought he was cute and I think he likes me back. Read this to find out more.


12. Random Chapter

So It's Wensday evening and today is Volunteer Appreciation Party. It's where all the Volunteers get together and get recognized for all the hard work we do with the church. I was bringing out my childish self and suggesting the Charlie Brown dance. Ashton didn't want to do it so he video taped it. And there was 3 dj's one of them looked like the one in my dream after the dance I had to talk to him but he thought I was attractive I was planning on asking out Ashton that dj idk his name but he put his hand on my face like I was his girlfriend or something I removed his hand but he grabbed my waist and took me upstairs. There was a room up there. He tried to have sex with me but I got him off of me. And I ran it was my dream. But more adult like. So I ran so fast my heels were slowing me down and I took them off and ran. I stopped and some where at the family room where families get there children and turned around. He came up to me and stopped. I turned around and punched him in the lip. And I said "Your messing with the wrong girl." And walked away.

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