My one and only

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I'm a girl who met Ashton Irwin at a skating rink with friends I thought he was cute and I think he likes me back. Read this to find out more.


8. Ashton's P.O.V pt. 4

We went to a funeral for Amya today. I was so depressed to see Demeta crying. Like Amya and her were close. Not as close as Amaya but close. We finished the funeral and went home. Demetra was in her room watching some type of movie. I went to go check on her. She was watching our movie called "how did we end up here." She asked for a hug and I asked why then she said because I love hugs so freaking much. I guess she loves hugs because they give her warmth. She finished watching a movie and she fell asleep. She looks so peaceful when she is sleeping.

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