My one and only

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I'm a girl who met Ashton Irwin at a skating rink with friends I thought he was cute and I think he likes me back. Read this to find out more.


7. Ashton's P.O.V pt. 3

And the graduation was great with Demetra and I getting our diplomas, and movin on. But when we was walking out for Demetra's birthday dinner 4 dudes came and kidnapped her and 3 of her friends and I want to save her. Luke, Michael, Calum and I came up with a plan to save Demetera and her crew. So we have tried to think where the guys kidnapped her? We though that the dudes were in the old abandon house on Main Street and we all went there. I saw a strange car outside the house. I felt like I was in the movie called "Slit Mouthed Woman." We found 2 flashlights and we went different Michael and I then Calum and Luke. So I saw a girl in a room. That was Amaya. ( One of Demetra's friends ). Michael found a flashlight and we split up. I went to look for Demetra. I finally found her. She was siting next to him. He wanted to rap but she didn't want to. He pulled out a knife and forced her again. She finally did it. She was her favorite part from her favorite song Love robbery by Kalin and Myles. When she was finished rapping I ran in there and grabbed her to take her to the car where I saw Luke, Jordyn, Calum, Amaya, Michael, but no Amya. Demetra asked where was Amya. Michael replied in the house. Demetra grabbed a shotgun and went in. A few minuets later Demetra came out crying. She founded out that Amya was dead. I had to give her a hug.

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