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I'm a girl who met Ashton Irwin at a skating rink with friends I thought he was cute and I think he likes me back. Read this to find out more.


3. Ashton P.o.v pt. 1

Ashton pov:

I can't believe that I met this beautiful girl at the skate rink. She is 6"10' tall and she has brown eyes. She says that she is embarrassed by her middle name but I think it is cute. And I decided to throw a party. A party called "out of school party". I have invited lots of friends included Michael, Luke, and Calum of course. So then I invited Demetra. I planned the party at my house. It was at 10:30pm and everyone was here. Brian, Amaya, Amya, and many more. When I saw Demetra in some ripped blue jeans, big booty, red vanes, and a pink crop top I was turned on. All of us got into a circle and played spin the bottle. Luke spun the bottle and it landed on Cady. So Luke and Cady went into the closet and did seven minutes. And so 7 minutes has passed and it was my turn to spin the bottle. Lucky me it landed on Demetra. So Demetra and I went to my room. She was really cute sitting next to me. I mean when she smiled it took my breath away and her eyes were nothing like I've seen before. I went to kiss her lips and it was success. I tasted her cherry Chapstick and it tasted good. At first she was shy and then she had gotten conferrable. I let her get on top of me and I was tingling and I bet she was too. The way her lips touched mine was the greatest feeling. But then she sneezed, not on me but she broke the kiss and went for some tissue of my bathroom. She grabbed it and our 7 minuets was almost up. We had one more minute left and we just kissed. Demetra is a great kisser and I believe that me and Demetra can be a great couple.

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