Kissing In The Rain (Calum AU)

I thought I had everything I needed. A perfect relationship, clean wrists and a smile on my face. My perfect relationship was the blame for the clean wrists and smile, until he ended it. I wound up right back where I began, with razors and tears and nothing could change that. All up until I met Calum.


3. Monday

I wake up at two in the morning lying on the kitchen floor with dry tears on my face. My hands are black with mascara and eyeliner and my hair is a mess. No one is awake yet, and I would t expect them to at two in the morning.

I push myself up off the cold tile and find my way to the cabinet above the stove with some Aspirin in it. I twist open the cap and tip the bottom, having much more come out then expected. Six small pills rest in my hand. Three times more then I am supposed to take.

Should I take them all?

I place the bottle back in the cupboard without putting the four extra back in. I push myself to the sink and pick up a dirty cup. As I turn on the tap I notice flowers resting on the window sill above the sink. Colton must have gotten them for mom while I was out last night. The cup is full and I tip back my head, tossing the pills in and gulping the water down, forcing the pills into my system.

What now?

I figure I better go upstairs to my room and sleep while I can. Maybe fake sick to mom and Colton. They probably wouldn't believe me but if they made me go to school I would ditch. I can't handle that today. I can't handle anything today.


Around 6:00 my phone alarm goes off and decide I'll just stare at the ceiling until mom comes in. I almost fall asleep again when a sharp rap comes into the room. I take a deep breath before I answer.

"Come in," I say softly, planning to lie. Who comes through the door was not someone I was expecting.

"Hello, Jennica. How've you been?" Sam's voice flows into my room like the skirt haloing around her knees. She smiles sweetly as she makes her way to the edge of my unmade bed. I just sit there, stunned at her sudden appearance in my room.

"How...?" I begin. "Your mother let me in," she explains. "She's such a sweet lady," she claps her hands on her knees and shakes her head smiling.

"Why are you here?" I finally ask after a few beats of silence. She turns her head to smile at me, her high ponytail of flaming red hair whips to her shoulder. "Well... I heard about Jacob," she frowns at the sound of his name. I do to, and she immediately notices.

Her eyes widen like she knows her mistake. "No no, not like that," she defends. "I mean, everyone thought you could do better. Not just me," she states.

I gasp. I could do better? "Okay, Sam. What are you trying to do here? Make me feel better? He was the love of my life and you honestly think you can say that I can do better? That's like saying a price of plastic is better then a diamond. It's not! He was everything to me! How dare you, Sam! You knew nothing about our relationship and you think you have the right to say I can do better? He is better! He finally realized that he can do way better then me and I don't blame him. I am so broken, Sam. So broken," I began yelling but end up crying again. Her eyes widen again until she sees the tears.

"Oh, Jennica," she soothes. She scoots closer to me and begins to rub my back. To both her and I's surprise I lean on her shoulder, sobbing into her purple blouse.

"Oh, Jennica."

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