Kissing In The Rain (Calum AU)

I thought I had everything I needed. A perfect relationship, clean wrists and a smile on my face. My perfect relationship was the blame for the clean wrists and smile, until he ended it. I wound up right back where I began, with razors and tears and nothing could change that. All up until I met Calum.


5. Getting Ready

Sam went home late that night. I couldn't sleep, I just stared at the walls where they met at the top and wished for a sky light and for Jacob to hold me.

Man I miss him.

When he walked away from me he dragged a part of me away with him. A huge part. Jacob and I met in 7th grade. We were best friends despite our different friend groups. I had always liked him, but knew I had no chance because of all the hatred his friends had for me.

We were so different, but we fit together like puzzle pieces from a different puzzle that still makes a beautiful picture. But now he has filed his edges down, shanking the shape so we don't fit together anymore.

When he found out I was self harming, he flipped. He was utterly determined to help me through it, no matter the cost. That's how we became an 'item'. We dated all through 9th grade and Sophomore year. All until now, a month into Junior year. I have to go through most of Junior year without him.

My alarm goes off in the morning, but I didn't set it so Sam must have. I roll my eyes at her determination to get me to school and pull myself out of bed. I walk downstairs to the bathroom and wash my face, clearing my skin of yet another gallon of dried tears.

The cold water is refreshing and makes me feel a little confident. I put some waterproof mascara, knowing for a fact that I am going to cry more today. I'm a wreak.

Sam calls while I am dressing and I put her on speaker.

"Hello! Jennica!"she sings into the phone. I pull into my ripped black skinny jeans and answer her. "Hey, Sam. What's up?" I ask.

Before today I rarely used the number she gave me. She never text unless it was about block party's or school dances. We never talked but she is hellbent on becoming friends with me.

"Do you need a ride?" Sam asks, I know she knows that I use to ride with Jacob. I don't have my license yet, and even if I did I don't have anything to drive. I button a random flannel on and slip on some maroon vans. "Uh, okay," I tell her.

"Cami will be with me, is that okay?" Cami is Sam's tag along. They have been best friends since kindergarten and have been inseparable since.

I've never been able to keep a friend that long. People normally think in weird and loud and dark. Well, everyone but Jacob.

"I...uh yeah it's okay," I answer. This is messing with my mind, I don't belong with Sam and Cali and the Preps. I belong with Jacob.

"Okay, when will you be ready?" She asks. I hear a voice in the background calling for Sam. "Uh I'm really now if that's okay," I tell her. She laughs at Cali and answers me. "Okay, we'll be there in a minute!" Then the phone call ends.

I grab my backpack and shut the door of my bedroom and walk down the stairs. The stairs creak under me as I make my way to the main floor. I hear mom and Colton talking in the kitchen and remember that mom still doesn't know about the breakup.

She's gotta find out sometime... I tell myself. Before I walk in I take a deep breath and adjust the backpack slung across my shoulder.

"Hey mom," I casually say as I step onto the tile. She looks up from the laptop on the kitchen counter and smiles.

Mom has dark hair, me on the other hand has dads blonde hair and grey eyes.

I know every time mom looks at me she sees a piece of my father. A cloud of darkness hangs over her every time she looks my way. Her hair though, like mine, is very long.

Mine runs down to the end of my back and hers too falls just past her belly button. Colton wishes she would cut her hair, but she and I both like it long.

"Hello baby girl, good morning," she smiles up at me with dimpled cheeks. Then, like she remembered something, her expression darkens.

"The school called," her eyebrows raise and my fake smile falters. "Where were you yesterday?" She asks, taking her glasses off and setting them on her laptop keyboard. "Here..." I tell her.

Colton looks up from his phone on his stool behind the kitchen counter. "Jennica what did you just say?" This is why I hate him. He acts like he is my father.

He says I'm not his 'equal' just because I am a women. If there is any man that is more sexist, Colton would sick his pet woman on him just for the title. Mom notices, but just says he's 'old school and use to customs' but I know it bugs her too.

"I wasn't at school yesterday," I try and say confidently. He frowns at me. Oh great... "This is why children these days never have mothers. The women are sluffing school and not getting a good enough education to raise their children. The fathers are left to raise the children right while the mothers are out stripping and living in cardboard boxes!" He yells. "You are not going to miss school again, do you understand me young lady?!" Colton exclaims. He's a bit over-dramatic too. I roll my eyes just as a honk comes from outside.

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?" And "don't treat your step father like that!" Wait what? Stepfather?

My eyes narrow and whip to mothers "What?" I ask, my voice cracks and the ring on her finger sparkles brightly like its mocking me. "Honey, Colton proposed," mom says, standing out of her chair as Colton stands behind her. He snakes an arm around her waist and smirks at me.

"Jennica, meet your new father," she smiles. I stare at her in disbelief. "From now on we expect the greatest respect from you to him," she says now stern.

I huff before running out the door, "I have no respect for sexist pigs who think they are better then everyone else!" And the door slams behind me.

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