Love Worries

Cute ship fanfic for all my Mekakucity actors fans out there!!


3. Explain


     Kido went into her room and closed the door, locking it behind her. How could she let Kano do that to her? She loved every second of it but, the gang saw them, what would they do? 

Mary knocked on her door a few hours later, with tea. She knocked a couple more times before giving up.

When Kido looked at the clock, she saw it was 5:35, Seto had just left for work five minutes ago, and the rest of the gang sounded like they were in their rooms. She walked out into the hallway but was pulled into the living room by Momo, she sat Kido on the couch and crosses her arms over her chest.

"We all want to talk to you, about.. this morning. What was that? What were you and Kano doing?" Momo asked while staring at Kido.

"Pshh, we weren't doing anything, I fell on top of him and you guys came in."

Where was Kano? He could use his eye ability and lie the two out of this, she looked at each member, avoiding eye contact with Seto.

"No Kido, you two were doing sexual things to each other on the fucking kitchen floor, are you out of your damn mind?! Kano, of all the men in this house, you pick Kano?"

Seto was furious, Kano knew he had a crush on Kido, he knew that Seto wanted to do those things with her. He wanted to see her body first, and tell her he would never judge her for her skin or any of her body parts.

Kido looked down and her face got red hot, she couldn't hold in the anger.

"Shut up Seto! You're jealous of him and that's pathetic, I'm sorry but if I had to pick who to do that with, it would be him! I love Kano and I feel comfortable around him, when big sister died I changed, and Kano was there for me!! Where were you? With some air headed puff ball who is ment to kill us all!" 

Mary cringed and bust out crying, holding onto Momo's shoulder. Kido's words hurt her.

Seto looked down and frowned, he clinched his fist and promised himself next time he saw Kano, he would beat his butt.

Kano ironically, walked in and looked at all of them staring at him. He noticed Seto's fist and started to back away, but before he could get any farther, Seto lifted his fist and aimed it towards Kano's face.

Kido jumped up and stopped his hand in mid-air. She put his hand down and did something she had never done before; she grabbed the back of Seto's head and within two seconds, punched him in the face. She raised his ear to her mouth and whispered,

"Touch him, I dare you. I dare you to lay one finger on him Seto, look at him the wrong way, I will hurt your dumb ass.."

She let him go and he fell to the floor embarrassed. That wasn't enough though Seto looked at Kano and yanked his hair.

"Oww! Seto, can we talk about this? I mean I really don't want you to get hurt"

"By you? Please, you can't fight anyone." Seto replied smirking

"No, by her!!" He pointed to Kido and laughed.

She grabbed Seto by the shirt neck and pulled him inside his room, and locked the door behind them...


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