loving a monster

hanna has the perfect life, boyfriend and everything she could of hope for until she meets harry. harry turns hanna's world upside down
will harry have his ways with hanna or will hanna drives harry away and keeps her life as she wants it to be, perfect


6. jealousy

hanna's p.o.v.

i woke with someone next to me, it was harry. what happen last night i said to myself, i walk to the bathroom to take a shower. i got out of the shower and went to my backpack, i pull out a pink crop-top that says "daddy's princess", black shorts, and black flats. i curled my hair and put on light makeup on. right when i was about to head out the door, harry pull on my waist and started to kiss my neck. i was moaning to the pleasure.

harry: where are you going

hanna: to hang out with ember

harry: where are you going to hang out with ember

hanna: harry, stop asking questions

hanna: you don't need to know where i am or who i'm with

harry: yes i do

hanna: whatever *walks out of the house*

harry's p.o.v.

the reason why i was asking questions because i care about her safety, i don't want her to hang out with ember, i want her here with me, i need her. she walked out of the beach house and i started to see what she's doing with ember. after when i was dress, i went to the mall they went to and started to spy on them. ember and hanna were on a bench talking when someone was winking at hanna. ember left and hanna and this guy that wink at her started to kiss hanna and she pulled away, when he started to kiss her again, hanna couldn't resits and kiss him back. my heart sank when i saw that, i got piss and storm off. i was walking for a while until i saw a pretty girl sitting by herself near a coffee shop. i walked up to her and things started to get heated. i went to the beach house with this girl, and started to make out on the couch with her. i heard the door open and i saw hanna just standing there shocked and i could see the sadness and anger in her eyes. after a while hanna and i were arguing.

hanna: why were you with that slut

harry: for my reasons

hanna: what reasons

harry: why were you with that guy

hanna: you were spying on me, harry what the hell

harry: yes i was spying on you, i care about your safety

harry: now, tell me why you were kissing that guy

hanna: because matt broke up with me!

hanna: he was cheating on me and then broke up with me

harry: good, he was a dick

hanna: wow, that's all you can say

harry: yep

hanna: i hate you 

harry: and the reason why i was making out with that slut because i was jealous, i have feelings for you hanna

harry: even you can't see that but your friends could

hanna: i don't like or love you like that

harry: yes you do and i can prove it

harry: *kisses hanna*

hanna: harry stop it

harry: *kisses hanna harshly*

hanna: fuck *kisses harry back*

harry: told you you want me

~ skips after sex ~

hanna: that was pretty amazing

harry: i knew you couldn't resits me

hanna: since matt broke up with me, i think i found a new lover

harry: oh you do now

harry: is it me

hanna: does this answer your question *kiss harry*

harry: absolutly babe



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