loving a monster

hanna has the perfect life, boyfriend and everything she could of hope for until she meets harry. harry turns hanna's world upside down
will harry have his ways with hanna or will hanna drives harry away and keeps her life as she wants it to be, perfect


7. can't keep my hands to myself

hanna's p.o.v.

i woke up by the sound of my phone going off, i took my phone from my bedside table and put it near me ear. to my surprise it was ember calling me and she wanted to hang out today and of course i said yes. i went the bathroom and had a hot shower. after i got out, i walked to my closet to pick an outfit. i pick out black jeans, pink flowy top, a leather jacket and my leather boots. i curled my hair and put some mascara and red lipstick and grab my purse. before i open up the door, someone grab my waist it was harry. he gave me a few kisses and i walked out to see a black honda. i open the car door to see ember and i hug and we were on our way to the mall. on the car drive we listen to sorry by justin bieber, i really don't like him but this song i like but ember loves him. we arrive at the mall and went in, the first thing that we see was starbucks of course. both of us got caramel frappe and we head inside of forever 21 to my some dresses, ember is having the little party tonight and it's going to be a blast. we picked out a bunch of dresses and we are trying them on. 

ember: come out, i wanna see the dress

hanna: hang on a sec

ember: *gasp* you look totes cute

hanna: thank you *spins around*

ember: do you wanna wear this one to the party

hanna: i would love to but i don't wanna trip and fall 

ember: true, ok next one

hanna: i'm trying one the black one now

ember: lemme see

hanna: *comes out*

ember: that one looks sexy on you, harry will be all over you

ember: which he's already doing

hanna: shut up *smiles*

hanna: now the pink one

ember: ok, it's between the pink and black one

hanna: both of them are cute...

ember: and sexy

hanna and ember: *laughs*

hanna: how about we can get both

ember: good idea, come let's go

ember's p.o.v.

hanna and i tried on the dresses and decided i wear the turquoise one and hanna can wear the black one. i swear harry i going to all over her tonight but, it's cute. now, we are going to my house to get ready. hanna and i are setting up the table for the food and drinks. next, hanna is going to order pizza and other stuff, and i'm making punch. i heard hanna's phone went off and she grab it before i did. hanna went into the hall way and i was listening to the whole conversation. i know i'm nosy but, she's still my best friend. 

~ on hanna's phone ~

sexybabe: hi babe

sweetie: hey sexy babe

sexybabe: is that my contacts name

sweetie: how did you know

sexybabe: there's a party tonight at embers, wanna come

sweetie: are you gonna be there

sexybabe: you know i am

sweetie: ok, and wear something sexy

sexybabe: already plan ahead

sweetie: nice, see you lates love you

sexybabe: love you too

~ skips to the party ~

hanna's p.o.v.

the party just started and everyone including harry came. harry walk towards me and kiss me harshly. when the song came on, my back was on harry's chest and we were dancing dirty. it was really sexy, harry spun me and was kissing me again and his hands were on my ass. he squeeze my ass and i let out a quiet moan. i turned my back against his chest again and harry started to move my ass against his crotch. for a few hours, harry and i went upstairs and we were in ember's parents room. i can still here the music from downstairs and harry was giving my little kisses on my neck while touching my shoulders to my hips. i felt amazing by his touch, it drives me crazy. i push him on the bed and going on top of him and started to do a little lap dance, harry had a smirk across his facing while i was doing my little dance for him. soon, we were both naked and kissing each other.

hanna: harry i want want you now

harry: beg for it babe

hanna: please harry, i want it

harry: *enters hanna*

harry: *groans*

hanna: oh harry

harry: *goes faster*

hanna: *moans really loud*

hanna: more harry

harry: *moans* yesss baby

hanna: i'm gonna cum

harry: me too

harry: *pulls out and groans*

hanna: that was great

harry we're always great, espically in bed

hanna: *giggles and kisses harry*


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