A Thousand Memories

Separated by the evil that man possesses, Riley was happy Luke was no longer a role in her life. That is, until Graduation Day where some unfortunate fate and terribly planned seating brings them together once again. One encounter turns into many, and both remember the spark they felt before. No one said love was easy, and Riley and Luke will soon understand the truth in that statement. Some people are better off apart, with only a thousand memories to remind them of who they use to be.


3. Chapter Three


''A life lived in love will never be dull''

   How do I possibly explain what happened after Dan left? How can I explain that Luke held me, just like when we were dating, and whispered sweet nothings into my ear? How do I explain that to...myself. How do I allow myself to understand what's going on when my head is everywhere. I was warm in Luke's arms, my head resting on his chest as he stroked my hair. Despite many years between us, being like this felt comfortable. It's like we were just in this position yesterday. I sighed, fiddling with Luke's fingers. What were we? I don't know how to feel. I've never stopped loving Luke, but what scares me is if he had ever stopped loving me. You'll get hurt all throughout your life, but there will always be one moment that you think of when people ask what's the worst thing you've lived through. My moment was walking away from Luke. It took my heart and shattered it beyond imagination. The emotions overwhelmed me and soon I felt hot tears burning my soft skin.

  "Are you okay?" Luke asked, sitting up to look at me. I shrugged my shoulders. I'm done saying I'm okay because I don't know if I am anymore, "Come on, get up. Get packed, we're leaving." Leaving? What has gotten into him?

  "What do you mean?" I asked confused.

  "You need to get away from all of this. We've graduated high school Riles. We've had to deal with cruel reality for our whole life. Let's go on a trip where it's as if we're living in a story. You won't think once about your problems at home. It'll be you and I, and it'll be a blast." Luke smiled as I gave him a skeptical look.

  "We can't just go, Luke. Our parents? Plus, we're not exactly on great terms. You may be helping right now, and thank you, but I still can't stand to be near you for that long. It hurts to much...I'm sorry." I whispered the ending, my heart yearning. I wished I could get up to leave all of my worries behind. In fact, I didn't care what terms we were on but I already knew our parents wouldn't agree.

  "My mom wants me to take a roadtrip, the lady is insane. She wants me to encounter different situations alone and learn how to survive the world. You're mom is pretty cool. Call her, she'll be fine with it! Remember when we were dating and we'd talk about going on a big trip after senior year? This can be that trip." Luke was excited, I could tell. It broke my heart, yet sewed it together at the same time.

  "We don't have the funds."

  "Baby, I never stopped saving, even after that nasty split. I always held hope that I'd be able to use that money on our trip. Let me, please. Let me make you happy, and whisk you away." Luke pleaded, grasping onto my hand. How could I not try and make him happy by at least asking? Sighing, I nodded my approval. I'd call my mom, and at least try and convince her. He smiled the brightest smile I've seen in years. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, dialing her number. Here goes nothing Riley, don't get your hopes up.


  "Hey mom...look don't ask questions, please just listen. Remember how Luke and I used to talk about going on a big trip after we graduated? Well, he's here right now and we want to embark on that journey now." I spoke everything quickly, scared of her reaction but what she said shocked me.

  "Sure honey. I did always say that you two could because you'd be old enough. The time is here, and I always liked Luke. I don't like that he hurt you but I know what kind of guy he is, he's a good guy. I trust him, and you. Go, but if Luke hurts you again, you call me! I'll knock some sense into him. I'll see you when you get back angel." What? Is she being serious? My mouth dropped open as Luke looked at me with wide eyes.

  "I-wha-, thank you so much mom! I will, I promise. I love you so much." I thanked her endlessly, my hands shaking with excitement. This couldn't be actually happening. Maybe it's me getting my hopes up, but I hoped that Luke and I could fix what's been broken between us. Maybe...oh, just maybe.

  "I love you too honey. Goodnight, and be safe!" I could hear the smile in her voice as she hung up. Before I could comprehend the situation, Luke wrapped me in his arms, spinning me around. Maybe this summer would turn everything around. Most people decide what to do and what makes them happy some point in high school. Maybe ours was meant to be this trip. Or maybe I'm over-reacting, but I have to know. We bounded upstairs, pulling my suitcase out of my closet and flinging it open. I didn't know how long we'd be gone, neither of us did.

  "So, guy with all the plans, have you thought of where we'll go?" I asked, smirking has he stopped helping me pack. He stood up, walking towards me as I backed against the wall.

  "Wherever the road takes us Riles.'' His minty breath blew over my face, and I got a feeling he wasn't just talking about our destination. I broke out of my gaze, nodding and slipping from his reach. I began folding any clothes I thought I could possibly need. I packed my polaroid, chargers, books, pictures. Here's the thing–never let an overpacker guess how long they will be gone. They will pack for months. In my case, I did. I brought everything I could possibly need, and by the time I was done, my room nearly looked like it did when we first moved in. As I zipped my suitcase up, Luke talked on the phone with his mother about the whole ordeal. As he mentioned before, she had no problem with it. Wow, our parents really trusted us...and that meant a lot.

  "Ready." I smiled, pulling my suitcase up with my body. Luke smiled back at me, taking the suitcase from my hand and carrying downstairs. I thanked him, following closely behind. Mean he could be, but a gentleman was he. I wandered around in my kitchen, packing my spare bag full of any snacks I could. I already know this trip is going to be expensive, and I don't want to add more to the bill by not having food. I had a bag full, Luke laughing at me as he opened the door. Outside, the lemon sun shone brightly and the warm breeze hit me immediately. I took in a deep breath, and the air smelled like...well, like summer.

  We packed everything tightly into the trunk and hopped into the car. Of course, Luke insisted on driving. He knows how much I hated driving. We backed out slowly onto the road. Start the timer, we're going on an adventure.


  Luke had stopped quickly at his house to pack some stuff. When I say quickly, I mean it took an hour and a half or so. We made sure we had everything and we ate a meal before we left. It's been two years since I've been inside of the Hemmings residence, and the memories still crash against me like a wave. It was here, out in his bridge that crosses over the creek, that he told me he loved me for the first time. The memory was still vivid, and bright in my mind. Now, eventually we had to leave, and so that we did.

  We threw his things in the back with mine and set out yet again. We followed the hot pavement until we left the city where we had spent our lives. As cliche as it may sound, it really did feel like the beginning of something new. Today marked the day where I could forget about all my troubles in high school and start a new life. Okay, well most of my problems. Luke and Natalie still hung out freshly burned into my memories.

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