One Direction Imagines

Here is a few imagines for yall to read thx!


1. 1. Your Hero - Harry and Mcke

   I was walking to the cafe to meet up with my boyfriend, Jack. I walked in and found Jack, kissing some random girl.    

   "Jack, I thought, we actually... Had something.", I whispered as tears began to fall.

   "Mcke! I-I can explain.", he said, shocked.

   "You don't need to. I understand everything." And with that, I walked out, hearing him screaming my name but I didn't dare look back. My vision was blurry but I still went to cross the street. All of a sudden a loud honking noise went through my ear and someone pushed me out of my way.

   "T-thank you.", I said, getting up. When I was about to walk away, the boy said,"Wait, are you ok? Why are you crying?" I explained everything and he said,"Aw, it's ok. You'll find a better guy for you. Oh, and here's my number." After the whole thing, we went our way and I actually felt better. 

1 year later

It's been a year since me and Harry started dating. He respected me in every which way and I'm glad to have him. My hero.

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