April Fools!!

April Fools ...... I'm not in love with you.

William Carlisle is a sweet, kind boy who is on Riverview High's Varsity Football Team. His friends, who are total players and jerks, peer pressure him into asking out Lily Carter as an April Fools joke.
Lily Carter is a bookworm who is in love with Ashton Irwin and has several book boyfriends. She also has a crush on William. She's sweet and innocent and deep down in William's heart, he likes her.
It's a prank gonna wrong and leaves a poor girl in tears.


4. ~ The Dance ~

   William looked at himself in the mirror. He wore a red bow tie and a suit with the whitest, white dress shirt he could find. His hair was gelled neatly and he pep talked himself.

   Ok Will, you can do this. It's just like going a date with her. Then, when the time is right, just suck it up and break the news to her and get the hell out of there!

   What he didn't know was that this was a big deal for Lily. She got asked to a dance by her crush. She was planning on having a romantic night with him. Not to be subjected to some cruel, April Fools prank.

   As William drove to her house Lily stood in front of the mirror in her room. Her dark curls cascaded down her back as her long bangs were pinned back. She wore contacts so her glasses wouldn't get in the way or fly off from dancing.

   She wore a beautiful long gown. It was royal blue with a sweetheart neckline and lace capped sleeves. She wore heels for the first time and wasn't short.

   She smiled at herself. She was beautiful. She didn't think she could be, but the woman standing in front of her said otherwise. She was going to have the night of her life.

   A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts and she smiled widely as she opened the door.

   As a giddy Lily opened the door an anxious William gasped. She was absolutely stunning and her eyes seemed even brighter than before.

   He smiled like a child on Christmas at the sight of her. Lily blushed as his eyes raked over her. Not in a disgusting, perverted way, but in awe and amazement.

   "Hey," he whispered as he smiled gently at her. Lily bit her lip to stop herself from giggling and replied.

   "You ready?" He asked and she nodded. He took her arm in his and pecked her cheek as they walked to his car. 
   As they walked in music blasted through the speakers and the whole gym seemed to vibrate. Except for the horrible d.j. it was perfect.

   White, fairy lights graced the ceiling and were the only lighting in the building. White roses were the centerpieces of tables topped with a white cloth and gold lining. It was breathtaking.

   Lily's smile was so wide that it hurt, but she didn't care. So far tonight was like a fairytale and picture perfect. It was a dream come true.

   "Woah, Lily," James said as he came to check on William. Tyler whistled and Lily scoffed with disgust.

   Lily, making her disgust as noticeable as possible, replied, "Curly."

   "Care to dance?" He asked with a flirty wink. She scoffed and declined. He fumed as he stormed off followed by Tyler.

    William couldn't help but laugh and Lily giggled.

   "Lily would you care to dance with me?" He asked hoping he wouldn't get the same reaction.

   "Hmmmm," she pondered playfully, placing a hand on her chin and stroking her imaginary beard. "Shall I dance with my prom date?"

   William chuckled making her heart soar and pulled her to the dance floor.

   Immediately Lily started to wipe her hands on her dress. She had never danced before and she for sure did not want to make a fool of herself. Thank goodness it was a slow dance.

   William, recognizing her distress, held her close on the tightly packed dance floor.

   His lips grazed her ear as he held her close and time seemed to halt for both of them.

   "It's ok Lily. Just hold onto me and I'll guide you." He placed a hand on her face and tilted her face upwards. Although she was in heels William was still taller than her.

   Her cheek burned at the touch of his warm hand. Her insides turned to mush as a warm, sappy feeling flowed through her veins.

   Her wide, gorgeous eyes gazed into his. She was so innocent and sweet. He pushed away all guilty thoughts and focused on now. 

   While holding her gaze he placed his other hand on the small of her back and pulled her close. Her hands instantly flew up to his chest. He tried not to tremble at her touch. Her body pressed against his was enough to make him crazy.

   His hand, which was currently on her cheek, snaked up into her thick, silky curls and he leaned in subconsciously. Lily ducked her head and rested it on his chest and his lips grazed the top of her hand. 

   Lily breathed in his cologne in an attempt to calm down her racing heart. He was going to kiss her. She smiled to herself.

   Why did he like her? She wasn't anything special? She snuggled into his chest not wanting to leave.

   Now it was William's turn to calm his racing heart. Having Lily this close to him was amazing. He really was falling for this little bookworm.

   As the night went on they danced with no one but each other. They laughed and William would sneak in little pecks on the cheek. The whole night she was blushing.

   "I know a place where we can be alone. Wanna go?" He whispered in her ear sending shivers down her spine. His hand on her back pulled her even closer, if it were possible. Lily slid her hands up his shoulders.

   She nodded and he quickly led her to the football field. The moon offered just enough light so they could see each other.

   As soon as they were far enough from the gym William crushed his lips against hers. She was shocked at first, but soon melted into the kiss and his arms.

    He wrapped his arms around her and gently lifted her up as he kissed her. Lily ran her hands through his hair. His hands trailed down her body and she gasped. No way was she going to let him do that! So she pushed him away. Yes she liked him a lot, but she wasn't going to let him touch her like that.

   His eyes were wide in question and his lips were swollen from kissing her. His hair was sticking all over the place. Lily thought he was adorable, but she pushed that thought away.

   Lily blushed as she coughed so her voice wouldn't crack. It was her first kiss, and she felt that they were moving way too fast for her.

   William slowly approached her and gently placed his hand on her shoulders.

   "Lily," he started. He gulped down his nerves and asked, "Will you go out with me?"

   Her heart soared and to say she was shocked was an understatement.

   "Are you serious? "

   Now was the moment and guilt flooded through his body. Just get it over with!

   "No!" He dead panned.


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